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Cowboys News & Notes: Unwrap The Latest On The Boys

For those of you who choose to celebrate, Merry Christmas. Here is a present for you regardless of your holiday preferences.

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George: Why The Cowboys May Wait Until 2017 To Draft A Quarterback - Brandon George, SportsDayDFW

With the dual injuries to quarterback Tony Romo and the inability of his backups to do much of anything, there has been some speculation that the Dallas Cowboys might finally invest a high level draft pick in a passer. Jared Goff and Paxton Lynch would be likely targets if the Boys were to go this route, but at least one beat writer thinks that Dallas will put off the shopping for another year.

McFadden: 1,000-Yard Season "Would Mean A Whole Lot" - Scott Crisp,

"It definitely would mean a whole lot [to reach 1,000 yards again], something I would definitely like to have. It's been a long season, so it's one of those things that you just have to keep grinding and grind the rest of these games out." - Darren McFadden

I imagine it would be special for McFadden. Only once in his career has he eclipsed the mark, and at this late stage of his time in the National Football League finding that kind of success after what he has battled through would be a remarkable achievement.

Kristi Scales: Why I'm Thinking The Cowboys Won't Bring Back Greg Hardy Next Season - Kristi Scales, Dallas Morning News

Many of us have made the assumption that Hardy was a one year rental from the start. The Cowboys were able to get him cheap, and as a strictly business deal it was a reasonable risk to sign the pass rusher. The only question has been, is the baggage he brings worth the expense. The Jones family decided that it was, especially for the price. Scales tells us why he is not such a good bet to be back next season, and it is only partially due to the fact that he will command a decent sized paycheck.

Recurring Injuries Might Play A Major Role In Claiborne's Future In Dallas - Clarence E. Hill, Jr., Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Morris Claiborne came to the Dallas Cowboys injured and now it looks like he could be leaving Valley Ranch the same way he arrived. Mo will be out this weekend and there is a better than average chance he will miss the season finale as well. Should he miss the rest of the season it will be a total of 25 out of a possible 66 games he was sidelined. You have to wonder if he had come to the Cowboys with less of a draft pedigree, would Claiborne still be on the roster?

Cowboys Insider: Looking Ahead -

With the deed done as far as the 2015 season, the crew of characters over at the mother ship turn an eye toward where the Cowboys go from here

The Year In Bills Fans - Samar Kalaf, Deadspin

Here at BTB we strive to give you every possible advantage. That includes providing an in-depth look at what it takes to be a fan of another team. Thanks to Deadspin, and a little coaxing from my esteemed colleague Rabble, here is some insight into what life is like when you are a Buffalo Bills supporter. Remember, these are trained professional Bills fans. Don't try this at home, or anywhere else.

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