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Cowboys @ Bills Expert Picks: Do Cowboys Have A Chance In Duel Of Disappointing Teams?

In a duel of disappointing teams, what would be the bigger disappointment, a Cowboys loss or a Bills loss?

George Rose/Getty Images

The Cowboys and Bills both started into the season with high hopes. Now, at 4-10 and 6-8 respectively, neither team has much to play for, unless you count draft spots at something to play for.

In a duel of disappointing teams, what would be the bigger disappointment, a Cowboys loss or a Bills loss? The Bills are 6-point favorites and our expert panels below like the Bills over the Cowboys by a large margin, but does that mean the Cowboys are done?

Not by a long shot.

Here are the expert picks for Week 15, 2015.

Name (Cowboys Accuracy)
Pick Score Comment
Michael Smith, Pro Football Talk (11-3)
Buf_medium 30-10 Rex Ryan’s defense has been one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL this season, but with Kellen Moore making the first start of his young career, I figure the Bills should be able to bring enough pressure to shut the Cowboys down.
David Steele, Sporting News (10-4)
Dal_medium 16-10 The Bills not only didn’t show up in Washington, and not only did LeSean McCoy get hurt, but now there’s some locker-room dissension surfacing. They should be relieved to be back home after two road losses, but the Cowboys are trying to save face, too. Kellen Moore gets his first NFL start. The defense he faces has underachieved all season.
Elliot Harrison, (9-5)
Buf_medium 16-10 Buffalo wins, not because Moore stinks, but because he's going to see looks he has no idea what to do with. When it comes to preparing for Rex Ryan's scheme, the young lefty probably would get more out of binge-playing Madden 16 than reflecting on the play he saw from Matt Cassel over the last few weeks. Taylor certainly has been better than most expected, but have you ever seen an emptier stat than his 100-plus passer rating? Taylor will find the going tough against a Dallas defense that Brandon Marshall believes is much better than some analysts think.
Pete Prisco, CBS Sports (7-7)
Buf_medium 26-17 The Cowboys will start Kellen Moore on the road here. They put a lot into trying to upset the Jets last week. The motivation is gone. The Bills are back home off two bad losses. They rebound.
Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk (8-6)
Buf_medium 24-21 A Super Bowl rematch involving a pair of teams that have fallen on hard times, and that could benefit from losing now in order to win in April. Advantage Cowboys.
Greg Cote, Miami Herald (6-8)
Buf_medium 24-16 A duel of disappointing teams, with Tony Romo’s injury absence plundering Dallas and Buffalo’s playoff drought dragging on despite Rex Ryan’s arrival. QB Kellen Moore makes first NFL start for Cowboys. Maybe Rex’s underperforming defense can dial up something for that? Like the Buffs at home in a venue pick.

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The piocture doesn't change much in the pick'em panels below that we've followed all season.

Site Cowboys Bills Cowboys Season
Pick Accuracy
Bleacher Report 0 8 .743 (78-27)
NFL Around The League 0 5 .682 (45-21)
ESPN 1 12 .678 (118-56)
SB Nation 0 7 .667 (60-30)
CBSSports 1 7 .654 (68-36) 3 4 .653 (61-33)
USA Today 2 5 .652 (60-32)
Dallas Morning News 2 7 .602 (77-51)
Total 9 55 .665 (568-286)

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