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Fantasy Football Week 13 Start & Sit: Marcus Mariota, Jason Witten & More

BTB previews the match ups that loom on the horizon for fantasy football addicts this weekend.

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Cam Newton - I was not a Newton fan coming out of college, and I never expected him to find much success in the National Football League. I was wrong. Newton has developed into the perfect man to lead Riverboat Ron's team. This week will be his week of weeks. Not only is he facing the best possible match up for any QB, Newton is also on a roll. Without hesitation Cam Newton is the one guy I want in my lineup this week.

Marcus Mariota - Here is another guy I was not a fan of, but this is one of those weeks for him as well. He is no Cam Newton, at least not yet, but he does cash in when the odds are in his favor. Marcus turned in a solid outing against the Jags the last time he faced them. Look for more of the same this weekend.


Russell Wilson - Wilson is showing signs of coming out of his season long funk, but this week he too is subject to the impact of his matchup. In this case that is not a good thing. Mike Zimmer is building the Vikings defense into a force to be reckoned with. His group allows around 14 points per game to opposing passers. This is not going to be Russell's week.

Philip Rivers - Rivers is inconsistent, that is a given, but there are times that he is as good as most. Against the Broncos you can expect a mediocre outing at best. That defense is stingy and they know that they have to keep on keeping on while #18 is out so they are going to really bring it to a division foe this week. Sure you could do worse than Rivers but you can also do a lot better.

Running Backs


Ronnie Hillman - One Bronco offensive player benefiting from the Manning injury is Ronnie Hillman. The Denver offense under Brock Osweiler is much more conducing to the running game than it is with #18 at the helm. That is the good news for Hillman. The better news is that the Chargers run defense that gives up more points to running backs than any team in the league. What? I need to draw you a map? I didn't think so!

LeGarrette Blount - This season I have had kind words for the job Bill Davis has done with the Eagles defense, but their efforts against the run in recent weeks has been atrocious. Since the second half of the season began the Eagles are surrendering yard and scores to opposing RBs in droves. Two TDs from Blount is very possible and three would not be out of the question.  Big week for this cat, folks.

Javorius Allen - This is a player I have never mentioned, but you should here his name mentioned quite a bit this weekend. The rookie is going to get plenty of touches in a depleted Baltimore offense. Many times that is not a good thing, but against the Miami run defense it means that good things should happen for Allen. They can happen for you too if you are willing to take a gamble.


Latavius Murray - This one seems to show up in my piece week after week. Sometimes he is a start; sometimes a sit.  This weekend is one of those times when he is going to need to be careful not to get splinters in his hiney. The Kansas City run defense is pretty good, and guys leading the way for Murray, well, not so much so. There are better options out there this week, so take advantage of one of them.

DeMarco Murray - The greener pastures that Murray found in Philly are primarily Benjamins. He has not come close to the season he had last year with the Cowboys. This week the Eagles will face a fired up New England squad looking to gnaw on anything in a different colored uniform. Losing does not set well with the hoodie and his squad so Murray will find the going tough against the Pats.

Wide Receivers


Alshon Jeffrey - This one comes down to the matchup. Jeffrey is good, but he is hindered by his offense. This week should be the exception to the rule as he faces a 49er defense that is dismal against the pass. The SF defense is among the worst in the league in receptions allowed, yards surrendered, and touchdowns to opposing WR1s. This will be as good of a time as any to put Jeffrey to good use.

Jarvis Landry - I told you to start Landry last week and he was good for almost 23 points. Start him again, this is another great match-up for him. It might be better than the one against the Revisless Jets. Baltimore is easy pickings for a receiver of Landry's caliber. Listen to D-Mac on this one; you'll be glad you did.

Martavis Bryant - Bryant has been a solid 3rd option this season, and he is playing at home in Pittsburgh. There he averages a touchdown per game and accounts for pretty good yardage as well. The Colts D has struggled mightily on the road, surrendering plenty of touchdowns so don't be shocked when Bryant adds to his home totals.


Brandon Cooks - Guess who is the next to visit Lake Norman( Tarheel Paul will get the reference along with some others). That's right, its Mr. Cooks. Josh Normanis on his way to having his name mentioned alongside Revis Island, and that spells pine time for the receivers who have to face him.

Mike Evans - Mike's an Aggie, and that makes this tough to say, but I don't want him in my line up this week. Atlanta is tough on opposing receivers, and their secondary owned Evans a month ago. I have to look at the history here and make a decision to go another direction.

Tight End


Travis Kelce - If anyone were to replace Cam Newton as my must start guy this week it would be Travis Kelce. No defense has been more generous to tight ends this season than the Oakland Raiders. They have surrendered a touchdown per game to the position and lead the league in points allowed to the position. Look for Andy Reid to exploit the mismatch early and often on Sunday.


Jason Witten - I should be banished for saying this, but I would not put the Senator in my line up right now.  The Dallas QBs don't rely on him the way Tony Romo would, and he also has a pretty tough match up in the Washington Redskins. Nothing would please me more than for Witten to shine on nation TV on Monday night, but I doubt that he gets the opportunity.

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