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Please Welcome Two New Moderators To BTB

Two new members to help keep the peace.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings BTB Community,

A few weeks ago we asked for applications to join our moderator team. Being a moderator at BTB is a very important job, albeit one that is thankless much of the time. BTB was built on the idea that it would be a place where Cowboys fans could gather and have fun and intelligent conversation, but a place that is free from flame wars, trolling and the general nastiness that can accompany forums on the Internet. As most of you know, this is easier said than done, but through the tireless efforts of our moderators we've managed to be pretty successful. But as we grow, the moderator team needed to grow, too.

So today we are adding two new moderators to the current team of Rena, NYHorn and scottmaui. Those three have done unbelievable work in service to BTB and I can't thank them enough. They have helped make BTB a great place to hang out. Today, they will be joined by two new members - NCHeelsBoysFan and Densa. Welcome aboard to those two. I'm thrilled they have decided to volunteer their time and efforts to make BTB even better.

A couple of quick items about moderators. They are enforcing the rules that I created, they are acting at my behest - so, don't get into fights with the moderators in the comments or question their authority. If you have an issue, you should come to me, send me an email and I guarantee you we can discuss the situation. But, if you get into a battle with the moderators publicly, in the end you are going to lose. Now, if you want to ask them sincere questions, that's fine, they will be happy to answer. Otherwise, come to me if you have an issue.

Second, if you have any confusion about what is and what isn't acceptable at BTB, check out the community guidelines. I've done my best to cover most situations, although it is impossible to cover them all. Many times these are judgment calls, so please have some flexibility and don't get offended if you are reminded by a moderator to stay within the guidelines. It's no big deal unless you make it a big deal.

Welcome aboard NCHeelsBoysFan and Densa. Okay, now back to what makes this place fun - the Cowboys!

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