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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes - Dez Bryant On Free Agency: "It's Cowboys Forever."

Latest Cowboys headlines: Dez Bryant talks about his fututre with the Cowboys; DeMarco Murray addresses contract situation; Morris Claiborne might not be ready for the early part of training camp.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

NBC 5 Exclusive Video: Dez Talks Cowboys Future | NBC 5 DFW
NBC 5's Pat Doney talked with Dez Bryant exclusively about his future with the Cowboys right after a charity basketball game in Arizona.

"Regardless, I’m a Cowboy, man" Bryant said. "But it is what it is. It’s business. I am a free agent. I’m very confident that something is going to happen, something is going to get done, and have these Cowboys fans excited for a long time."

"I’m a Cowboy at heart. It’s Cowboys forever."

DeMarco Murray during OPOY speech: "It’s been a privilege to play there. Hopefully we can continue that." | Jon Machota, DMN
DeMarco Murray got the crowd to laugh when he addressed his contract situation while accepting the Associated Press Offensive Player of the Year trophy for the 2014 season.

"I’m definitely honored and blessed to receive this award," Murray said after accepting the trophy from Cowboys Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith. "I want to say thank you to the Jones family for taking a chance on me four years ago out of Oklahoma. It’s been a privilege to play there. Hopefully we can continue that."

Seahawks offer Marshawn Lynch huge contract extension -
Ian Rapoport reports that the Seahawks have offered Lynch a long-term contract extension. The extension would reportedly pay Lynch more than $10 million in 2015. No further details are available at this time, so until we know exactly what that contract contains, it's too early to make any assumptions about what - if anything - this could mean for DeMarco Murray's market value.

10 things the Cowboys need to do to win next year’s Super Bowl | Jon Machota, DMN
Keep doing what you did well, improve everywhere else - that's the 9-word summary of this 10-point list.

Morris Claiborne might not be ready for the early part of training camp - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
In response to a Twitter question about Claiborne, Archer offers this assessment of the snakebit cornerback:

It's going to be a long haul for Claiborne. He can ask Williams about the rehab because he went through the process when he played for the Arizona Cardinals. From what I've been able to gather, you won't see him on the field in the offseason program and he might not be ready for the early part of training camp.

It's more complicated than a comeback from, say, a torn anterior cruciate ligament. There is a lot of stress on the tendon because of the nature of the position. Time is the best healer, but building up strength is a must too. This is a big year for Claiborne for a lot of reasons but for him personally it's a contract year. He's already made plenty of money in his career. Now it's about showing he can have a lasting career.



Report: Falcons alleged to have piped in crowd noise, NFL discipline "expected" | ProFootballTalk
ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Falcons are under investigation for having played "artificial" crowd noise in 2013 and 2014 when their opponents were on offense. If true, the Falcons could face NFL discipline, including a fine and even the potential loss of a draft pick.

49ers regret sending Hall of Famer Haley to Dallas | CSN Bay Area
No kidding.

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