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2016 Super Bowl Odds: Dallas Cowboys with Sixth-Best Odds

Out with the old and in with the new. The ink hasn't dried on the Patriots win in yesterday's Super Bowl and we already have new Super Bowl odds! Check out the 2016 Super Bowl favorites below.

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Vegas sure doesn't waste a lot of time. R.J. Bell of released the 2016 Super Bowl odds in the wee hours of the morning via Twitter. Sure, the Patriots and Seahawks were the two teams left standing at the end of this season, and they are also the top two teams when it comes to next year's odds.

But from a historical perspective, the odds are stacked against either of this year's finalists making it back to the Super Bowl next year:

Year Super Bowl Winner Next season Loser Next season
2015 XLIX (49) Patriots - - Seahawks - -
2014 XLVIII (48) Seahawks Super Bowl loser Broncos Divisional Round
2013 XLVII (47) Ravens missed playoffs 49ers Conference Championship
2012 XLVI (46) NY Giants missed playoffs Patriots Conference Championship
2011 XLV (45) Packers Divisional Round Steelers Wildcard Round
2010 XLIV (44) Saints Wildcard Round Colts Wildcard Round
2009 XLIII (43) Steelers missed playoffs Cardinals Divisional Round
2008 XLII (42) NY Giants Divisional Round Patriots missed playoffs
2007 XLI (41) Colts Divisional Round Bears missed playoffs
2006 XL (40) Steelers missed playoffs Seahawks Divisional Round
2005 XXXIX (39) Patriots Divisional Round Eagles missed playoffs
2004 XXXVIII (38) Patriots Super Bowl winner Panthers missed playoffs
2003 XXXVII (37) Buccaneers missed playoffs Raiders missed playoffs
  • Of the 26 teams participating in the last 13 Super Bowls, 10 missed the playoffs entirely the next season.
  • Only four of those 26 teams made it beyond the Divisional Round the following year.
  • Only twice over the last thirteen years has a Super Bowl participant made it back to the Super Bowl the following year. Fittingly, those two teams are the Patriots and Seahawks.

So let's take look at which teams the Vegas bookmakers see as the favorites for the Super Bowl next year. Despite their loss yesterday, the Seahawks open as the favorites for 2016, immediately followed by the Patriots. The Cowboys open at 18-1, which ranks them sixth overall, quite an improvement over the 66-1 odds they started the 2014 season with.

Which just goes to show that a lot can happen between now and then, after all, the Saints (9-1), Eagles (20-1) and Bears (22-1) were projected as some of the top NFC teams at the start of the 2014 season, but all failed to make the playoffs.

Here's how the teams stack up in the early Vegas odds for the 2016 Super Bowl.

Team Odds Team Odds
Seattle Seahawks 6 to 1 San Diego Chargers 40 to 1
New England Patriots 7 to 1 St. Louis Rams 40 to 1
Green Bay Packers 8 to 1 Carolina Panthers 45 to 1
Denver Broncos 12 to 1 Miami Dolphins 45 to 1
Indianapolis Colts 12 to 1 Atlanta Falcons 50 to 1
Dallas Cowboys 18 to 1 Houston Texans 50 to 1
Philadelphia Eagles 25 to 1 Chicago Bears 60 to 1
Baltimore Ravens 30 to 1 Minnesota Vikings 60 to 1
Detroit Lions 30 to 1 Buffalo Bills 70 to 1
New Orleans Saints 30 to 1 Cleveland Browns 70 to 1
Pittsburgh Steelers 30 to 1 New York Jets 125 to 1
San Francisco 49ers 30 to 1 Washington Redskins 140 to 1
Cincinnati Bengals 35 to 1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 200 to 1
Arizona Cardinals 40 to 1 Jacksonville Jaguars 300 to 1
Kansas City Chiefs 40 to 1 Oakland Raiders 300 to 1
New York Giants 40 to 1 Tennessee Titans 300 to 1

The Patriots won the Super Bowl yesterday, but the Vegas notwithstanding, history doesn't like them or the Seahawks to make a repeat appearance in the Super Bowl. Who is your favorite to take home the Lombardi Trophy next year? Let us know who your NFL underdog is, and why.

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