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The Latest On The Alleged Dez Bryant Video

We don't know anything for sure, but here is what we're hearing...

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Lately you might have heard the rumors about an alleged Dez Bryant video that shows him in a very poor light. In some circles it's been compared to a Ray Rice-type thing. Here at BTB we have stayed away from reporting on it because there has been nothing reliable to report. We are not in the business of destroying someone's character because of alleged rumors in an effort to cash in on the buzz surrounding it. The moment when it really hit the mainstream was when Mike Florio brought it up on a local Dallas radio station. You can hear that audio below.

Since no one else was backing up Florio publicly, we chose to leave the story alone as an unsubstantiated rumor. Bryant's name didn't deserve to be dragged through the mud based on those comments. Bryant himself seemed to respond indirectly with this tweet:

At that point, it was still debatable whether the video actually existed. Today, that point is still debatable but Adam Schefter has been following the story since September. His comments on the story can be heard below, which at least lends an air of credibility about the video. He doesn't give any specifics but he's been trying to find out about it for months now.

Also today, there are reports that the video is being pedaled around to media sites looking for the highest bidder to buy it. The sales pitch to the media sites supposedly includes screenshots from the video. The rumor is that it was taken by some ex-friends of Bryant's a while back at a Walmart. Those ex-friends have decided it's time for a payday according to un-sourced accounts floating around the Internet. Bryant seems to indirectly confirm this ex-friend betrayal story with a tweet he posted today then quickly deleted. The text of the tweet:

"I need to get me a real raw uncut tv show or something ... I can't continue to get betrayed like this.''

This is where we stand at the moment. We have yet to hear from anybody who has actually seen the tape go on the record. We only have vague rumors and reporters searching for the truth and coming up empty, so far. Dez has addressed the situation in a cryptic way with some tweets, but at this point we don't have anymore. Stephen Jones claims that the Cowboys don't know anything specific about the video.

Since the buzz and rumors have reached this point, and since Adam Schefter confirms he has been working on the story for a while, I decided it was time to report on it. It doesn't mean we believe it to be true, but there is certainly enough smoke at this point to entertain the notion that there may be fire.

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