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Police Report Of Walmart Incident: The Pursuit Of The Dez Bryant Video Continues

The story that lingers...

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Yesterday, I finally addressed the Dez Bryant video mystery. Among the many things that have been said about this video that no one seems to have seen is that it occurred at a Walmart. Today, Ian Rapoport at NFL Media ( released an open records police report about an incident involving Dez Bryant at a Walmart in 2011. From all the rumors about the video, this police report seems to fit the bill of the incident on the supposed tape - except for one problem. The police report talks of a female being dragged from one car to another, but the person doing the dragging is not Dez. So either the idea that the video shows Dez dragging the woman is wrong, or Dez and the woman told the police someone else dragged her to another car and the police officer bought it when it was actually Dez.

You can read the whole police report here. The basic recap is that a security guard called the police to the Walmart after being told of an altercation in the parking lot that involved a male dragging a female from one car to another. The cop arrived to find the car the female was allegedly dragged from with the door still open. That car was registered to Bryant. Two other males had arrived in another car registered to Bryant and said they received a call from the woman to go pick up her car at the Walmart. While the cop was speaking to those two, another car showed up with Bryant and the woman who was allegedly dragged out of the original car. The woman told the cop that the whole thing was because of an argument she had with another man who wasn't present, and that she had not been assaulted. She said that man had driven her to another location and dropped her off. She then called Dez to picked her up at that different location and drove her back to check on the car at Walmart.

So basically, the police did nothing at that point and let all parties go. This story has Dez not involved with anything but showing up at the scene. Of course, they could have been covering for him and concocted the story after everyone had calmed down, but that is pure conjecture. The only thing that would truly settle this is to see the video which supposedly exists because of surveillance cameras at the Walmart.

Again, at this point there is nothing to implicate Dez Bryant. Until I see the video I will continue to treat it this way.

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