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Seven-Round Mock Draft Has Cowboys Picking Five Offensive Players

Let's assume the Cowboys have eight picks in the 2015 draft. How comfortable would you be if five of those eight picks were for the offense, even if they were mostly just late-round picks?

Louisville Cardinals safety Gerod Holliman (8) with teammate Charles Gaines (3).
Louisville Cardinals safety Gerod Holliman (8) with teammate Charles Gaines (3).
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last few weeks, we've already seen a large number of first-round mock drafts and the occasional two-round mock draft. Now Matt Miller at Bleacher Report tries to out-do everybody with a full seven-round mock draft.

As Cowboys fans, our focus for the 2015 NFL draft is squarely on the defense, particularly on defensive linemen and cornerbacks. Of course, if recent Cowboys drafting history is anything to go by, that's almost a guarantee that the Cowboys will not draft either position with their first pick.

Miller seems to be following a similar train of thought in his mock and has the Cowboys selecting a free safety with his first pick. That's a bit of a curveball, but not entirely unfeasible. Staying with the baseball analogy, Miller then offers two fastballs straight over the plate by selecting two defensive linemen in the next four picks, but then dips deep into the petroleum jelly jar and delivers a couple of spitballs: Not one but two running backs, a wide receiver, and a tight end.

Here's the full mock

1st: Gerod Holliman, FS, Louisville
2nd: Michael Bennett, DT, Ohio State
3rd: Daryl Williams, OT, Oklahoma
4th: Buck Allen, RB, USC
5th: Geneo Grissom, DE Oklahoma
7th: Levi Norwood, WR, Baylor
7th: Dominique Brown, RB, Louisville
7th: C.J. Uzomah, TE, Auburn

You can click through the entire slideshow here, or you can deslide it here for more convenient viewing

Things that jump out at me in this mock:

Two RBs selected: Sure, it may look awkward at first, but consider that Murray and Dunbar are both free agents, and Randle's job security looks a little shaky right now - which leaves the Cowboys with just one running back under contract, Ryan Williams, who has played five NFL games in his four-year NFL career. I'm not a big fan of drafting a running back, much less two in one draft, but it may not be as far-fetched an idea as I would like it to be.

Gerard Holliman: I don't know enough about Holliman to make any type of qualified statement about the player, so I'll leave that to the draftniks on this board. But I believe that when you're investing such a high pick in a safety, you'd better make sure you're drafting a Darren Woodson-type player, and not a guy who'll be little more than a marginal upgrade over the safeties already on the roster.

Michael Bennett: I would be very pleased with this pick, which likely means it's not happening. For the last four years I've been pounding the table for the Cowboys to draft a DE or DT with their first pick, but the Cowboys chose to go a different route every year.

A wide receiver and a tight end? Whether the Cowboys will have eight picks in the draft remains to be seen, but for now Miller spends five of the eight picks here on offense. That seems a bit rich for a team that could fill a need with every single defensive player it would draft.


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