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NFL Power Rankings For 2015? Yes, It's Never Too Early

Power rankings for 2015, already.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, it's absolutely ridiculous and totally meaningless. Still, it's fun to see just how much respect the Dallas Cowboys are getting in the media after their 2014 season. We all remember the Cowboys getting blasted by the media last offseason. ESPN put out power rankings in May of 2014 post-draft, and the Cowboys ended up 22nd.

22 Cowboys 8-8 (Down 5 from Last Week: 17) Notre Dame allowed a sack on 1.8 percent of passing plays (attempts plus sacks) last year, third best in FBS. Zack Martin should plug in and play well right away.

Well, they got the Zack Martin part right. So what do the media say about the Cowboys now?

CBS Sports

4. They showed what a good, physical offense with a quarterback better than most think could do for a team. They still need work on that defense.

Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports

4. Dallas Cowboys I think Dez Bryant returns. I have no idea on DeMarco Murray, but I don’t know if anyone will pay him enough to pry him from the Cowboys. If both come back, I don’t have any reason to believe they’ll regress too much.

USA Today

5. Dallas Cowboys 12-4   The DeMarco vs. Dez vs. prudent salary cap management debate should be fun one for Jerry Jones to kick around in coming weeks.

NFL Power Rankings -
4.  13-5 COWBOYS Decisions, decisions -- well, not really. If Dallas' initial offer to DeMarco Murray is indicative of anything, it surely tells us where the Joneses fall on the do-we-sign-Dez-or-do-we-sign-DeMarco deal. Speaking of deals, here's to hoping that linebacker Sean Lee doesn't have to deal with any more injuries. If the Cowboys get him back healthy, along with sneaky-good Justin Durant, the linebacker corps could be a strength for the first time since Lee and some guy named Ware were healthy.

Across the board, the Patriots are #1, the Seahawks #2 and the Packers #3. Only in the USA Today rankings does another team slide in between the Packers and the Cowboys at #4, and that's the Colts.

Of course this is meaningless, but who cares. Like I said, it's nice to see the Cowboys getting respect.

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