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Drug Charge Against Joseph Randle Dropped; Domestic Violence Investigation Continues

Joseph Randle's legal issues still under investigation.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle got some good news today, but he is not out of the woods yet with his recent legal troubles. KWCH is reporting that the drug charges for marijuana possession have been dropped, meaning he's technically clear of any legal issues for the moment. But the investigation continues.

Wichita Police say a drug charge filed against Joseph Randle has been dropped, but police say the investigation into the incident that prompted the charge continues.

Wichita Police say the case is not over, and that more charges could be filed - and the drug charge could be refiled.

Police say they will present their case to the DA once they have all of the facts.

The continuing investigation could be more problematic for Randle than the pot possession charge because it involves claims of domestic violence. That in itself is a problem, but with the way the NFL is treating issues of domestic violence among players now, how this plays out could greatly affect Randle's career. To be clear, at this point we only have claims from the mother of Randle's child and police are trying to verify what happened the other night at the hotel where the incident occurred. Her claims include a handgun, a busted car windshield and menacing statements from Randle. As with all cases like this, it's important to hear from all sides and witnesses before rendering judgment.

A protection order has been filed by the mother to keep Randle away from her. There is also a video here where you can listen to her story of what occurred that night. What the police find and are able to confirm will decide where this case goes from here.

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