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Cowboys News & Notes: Cowboys Will Tag Bryant, Let Murray Test Free Agency

Latest Cowboys headlines: Cowboys expect to tag Dez Bryant by Monday; Cowboys to let DeMarco Murray test free agency; Will a crowded free agent market play into Cowboys' hands?

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Tag: Cowboys inform Dez Bryant’s agent that Pro Bowl receiver will receive franchise tag on Monday | David Moore, DMN
The Cowboys spoke at length with Dez Bryant's agent, Tom Condon, on Tuesday and again spoke on Friday by phone.

"It was good,’’ Stephen Jones said [of Tuesday's meeting]. "It was a lengthy meeting. I don’t know that we got into a lot of numbers, but we were feeling each other out to see what each side’s goals were.’’

"It’s unrealistic to think it (contract) will happen now so we will use the tag,’’ Jones said.

Cowboys expect to tag Dez Bryant before Monday | FOX Sports
Different report, same result: Stephen Jones confirmed that the Cowboys will apply the franchise tag to Dez Bryant by Monday.

"I still think that it's probably, you know, would be a stretch to think that we would have something done by Monday and beat the franchise-tag deadline," Jones said. "Looks like we're eyeing a franchise tag on Dez, but certainly won't stop us from working hard to get a long-term deal."

"Jerry Sr. and myself actually had a meeting with Tom Condon, his agent, Tuesday night." Jones said. "Had a good long visit. You know, we got a long period of time there where we can work, continue to work on doing something long term for Dez."

Dallas Cowboys to let DeMarco Murray test free agency | FOX Sports
According to Stephen Jones, the talks with Murray's agents have been "slow" up to this point.

"[Murray] is probably going to, you know, get some peace and see what's out in the market and then we'll talk and see. I do believe deep down he'd love to stay in Dallas."

"We've had some really good football players go into free agency: Jay Novacek and Darren Woodson and, you know, they still sign with the Cowboys. So, just because you're a free agent doesn't mean you're not necessarily going to end up back in Dallas."

"We'd love to keep him in Dallas; just see how things play out," Jones said.

Dez and DeMarco are exceptions to an NFL standard of production | Kevin Sherrington, DMN
In a chat with fans, Sherrington addresses a question about whether receivers and running backs are overrated and whether the money would be better spent on defense.

Certainly that's the line these days, that RBs aren't worth what they once were. But if you watched the Cowboys last season, that was a throwback team. They ran and ran and ran in a day when teams throw. And all it did was get them 12 wins with what is an average defense at best. As for Dez, he caught 16 touchdown passes. In most cases, 8 TD receptions is a really good year for a WR. Here's the thing to remember: It's fine to have standards and maxims to live by, but always be ready with exceptions. In my mind, both Dez and DeMarco are exceptions to the rule.

Ben & Skin Prank Cowboys All Pro G Zack Martin - CBS Dallas / Fort Worth
Cowboys center Travis Frederick helped 105.3 The Fan's Ben & Skin prank guard Zack Martin. Martin was asked by Frederick to appear at a Bar Mitzvah in Dallas for a $30,000 appearance fee, and Martin and Frederick had a conference call with the "event organizer Ari Cohen". Little did Martin know that it was all a big prank. Listen in, it's great fun.

Any chance Cowboys draft Dorial Green-Beckham? - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Todd Archer answers a Twitter question about the chances of the Cowboys drafting DGB.

We hear Jason Garrett talk all the time about the "right kind of guy," and oftentimes it's misinterpreted to mean, "I only want Boy Scouts." That's just not the case. Dorial Green-Beckham might be the best receiver in the draft, but that doesn't mean he will be the first receiver selected. He had issues at Missouri involved with arrests for marijuana and an alleged assault. I'm sure the Cowboys will have a handle on all of that by the time it comes to the draft and will feel comfortable taking him or keeping his name off the board.

But there's also a need. I understand the "best player available" theory, but, to me, it's just that: a theory. Need has to be factored in. Dez Bryant isn't going anywhere. Terrance Williams isn't going anywhere. The Cowboys like what they're getting from Cole Beasley. They believe Devin Street can develop. If you're drafting Green-Beckham in the first two rounds, he would be expected to contribute right away. Would that happen here? I understand the Cowboys drafted Bryant when they just had Roy Williams and Miles Austin but they knew they would be moving away from Williams quickly and would have the chance to play Bryant right away.


It might have been a slow news day yesterday, but we kept the articles coming here on Blogging The Boys anyway.

Notable 2015 NFL Roster Cuts: Free Agent Defensive Line Options For Cowboys - Blogging The Boys
As teams have been trimming their rosters over the last few days, a few defensive linemen have hit the market and might provide some options for the Cowboys.

And while the grass is always greener on the other side, the Cowboys also have four of their own free agent defensive linemen they can bring back. Anthony Spencer, Henry Melton, George Selvie, and Nick Hayden all are all set to hit free agency, and they have one advantage none of the other free agents have: they are known commodities for the Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys Pre-Draft Visitors - Who Will They Bring In This Year? - Blogging The Boys
This article looks at the list of draft prospects the Cowboys have had in for the pre-draft visits over the last four years, and concludes that the pre-draft visits to Valley Ranch are a good indicator of what the Cowboys will do in the draft.

2015 NFL Mock Draft 2.0 - Blogging The Boys
In the full first-round mock the Cowboys took Melvin Gordon out of Wisconsin. The second edition of this mock draft series, the Cowboys pick a defensive player, but perhaps not at a position you'd expect.

Will A Crowded Free Agent Market Play Into Cowboys' Hands? - Blogging The Boys
With the list of NFL cuts growing rapidly, Tom Ryle wonders whether this will turn into a buyers' market where the Cowboys can find a bargain or two to help out with the roster.

It leaves Dallas in the position to let the market come to them. And they can look for who will best fit their needs. They can get a specialist pass rusher or a role player running back if they choose. This may also affect the situation with Murray. It would be good to see the price for runners get depressed, making it easier to work out an affordable deal with him. But failing that, there are opportunities already shaping up to get an experienced back at a bargain price.

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