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Cowboys 2015 Free Agents: Latest Updates On DeMarco Murray

The DeMarco Murray free agency trek is still in progress...

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[UPDATE:] Recent rumors that the Eagles are still active in the Murray negotiations even though they have agreed to a deal with Ryan Matthews.


When free agency opened, DeMarco Murray was one of the top free agents on the board. A day later, it's safe to say he is the top free agent on the board. And the fact that he is still available leaves some optimism that he could return to Dallas. If someone was going to blow him away with a big offer, you would logically think they would have done that by now. Not that teams haven't made offers, but they haven't made THE offer that Murray would take if the Cowboys didn't match. So far, the teams in play still appear to be the Jaguars and the Raiders, along with Dallas.

The fact that the Raiders signed Roy Helu and they have an emerging talent in Latavius Murray makes it strange they are still in the hunt, but it's the Raiders. The Jags are either very much in the hunt and pushing hard for Murray, or it's unlikely they will get him and have already given their best offer, depending on who you are listening to.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it’s currently "not likely" that Murray will join the Jaguars.  But that could change. It could change, apparently, if Murray agrees to take less than he wants, or if the Jaguars agree to pay more than they’re willing to pay.

Now let's get into some heavy speculation, so keep in mind this is just that...speculation. The sense you get from all the talk going on is that no one has offered in the range that Murray and his agent initially wanted. Reports hint that they wanted something in the $9 million per year range. All along, conventional wisdom held that the Cowboys would likely go to the $6-$7 million range. Based on that information, if it turns out to be true, other teams must be offering somewhere in that range or Murray would have likely jumped at the opportunity for a bigger payday. The longer this goes, the more optimism there is that Murray could return. There have been reports that Murray talked with Jason Garrett last night at a Mavs basketball game.

So that's where we stand right now. Obviously things could change quickly, but for now, the Cowboys seem to be squarely in the hunt to retain Murray's services.

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