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Cowboys Free Agency Watch: DeMarco Murray Decision Could Be Coming Tonight

We've been waiting to hear what the choice would be, we may not be waiting much longer. The decision for the NFL's leading rusher is rumored to be coming tonight.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It's been less than two full days, but for fans of the Dallas Cowboys, it seems like an eternity. Will the Cowboys get the NFL's leading rusher back for 2015 and beyond, or will they be looking elsewhere for their future running back?

According to Ian Rapoport of, the DeMarco Murray decision could be coming tonight.

With the Raiders offering the most money, the question is, how much does it really mean? What about Murray's decision to call Chip Kelly about joining the Philadelphia Eagles? Some would believe that after the Eagles chose to sign Ryan Mathews earlier today, that they wouldn't be in the market for Murray. Even after signing Matthews, it's probably better to expect the unexpected when it comes to Kelly.

For Murray, we know that he wants to get paid, but he's also said in the past that if the Cowboys could come close to matching an offer that he received, that he would likely return. So, what are the Raiders offering? More importantly, will the Cowboys offer anything near it?

It's been a drama-filled few weeks here when it comes to Murray and specifically a day and a half of free agency rumors that have been hard to decipher. With that said, the answer is coming soon, so make sure to stay tuned and be prepared for whatever gets tossed our way.

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