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Cowboys 2015 Free Agents: DeMarco Murray Flying To Philadelphia Tomorrow

The Cowboys running back could be leaving town.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier tonight, we heard reports that the decision from DeMarco Murray could come tonight. Turns out that is wrong. Why? Because it's been confirmed that the running back is flying to Philadelphia tomorrow to meet with the Eagles. It was revealed that Murray contacted Eagles coach Chip Kelly by phone on Wednesday and expressed a desire to play in his offense with his good friend and college teammate Sam Bradford. The new Eagles quarterback has been actively recruiting Murray.

"Absolutely. I've been trying my hardest," Bradford said Wednesday of trying to recruit Murray. "I've called him. I've texted him. I've done everything. We've been in communication. If we can somehow land him, it would be a great pickup. Not only is he a great player, he's a great person. He's a really close friend of mine, too. I think he can really help this ball club."

The question remains what kind of money are the Eagles willing to tie up in the running back position. They just shipped out LeSean McCoy because he cost too much, they have an agreement with Ryan Matthews, so how much they will invest in Murray is a good question? And with Darren Sproles in the mix, that would be a very crowded backfield. Still, there must be some serious interest on both sides for Murray to fly to Philadelphia.

On the Cowboys' side of things, we have this tweet from Peter Schrager.

That doesn't exactly inspire confidence. From the way things are going, it sounds like Murray really wants to be in Philly and might give them a hometown discount.

UPDATE: Schrager adds this:

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