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Cowboys 2015 Free Agents: DeMarco Murray's Father Says Son's Mind Not Made Up Yet, Dallas Signs FB Jed Collins

Today should be decision day for DeMarco Murray

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So DeMarco Murray is on his way to Philadelphia, with a meeting scheduled to happen sometime this afternoon. Eagles coach Chip Kelly is skipping Oregon's Pro Day to meet with Murray, maybe an indication of how serious the Eagles are about this, but questions remain. Is this a real thing for DeMarco, or a ploy to score more money out of Dallas? A league source has said he plans to sign with Philly, but does that mean if he gets the right contract?

Nobody is quite sure if the Eagles have agreed to a contract with Murray. Given the Eagles desire to shed money at the running back position, and that they have Ryan Matthews at the facility ready to sign a deal that's been agreed to, it's hard to guess exactly what the Eagles are up to. Signing Murray would be a ton of money to tie up at one position, and you can't play them all at once, including Darren Sproles.

Also, DeMarco's father, Kevin Murray, spoke with the Dallas Morning News and discussed DeMarco's state of mind. The father spoke to the son as he was getting ready to fly to Philly this morning. He makes it sound like Murray hasn't made up his mind on anything.

Kevin Murray told The Dallas Morning News that though DeMarco feels "hurt" right now that the Cowboys haven't made a stronger offer to keep him, his son hasn't made up his mind yet on where he will play next season.

"My impression from talking to him this morning is that he loves his coach, he loves his teammates and the Dallas fans," Kevin Murray said, "but he's just hurt that something hasn't happened to lure him not to take the trip right now."

Kevin Murray said his son is still wrestling with the decision on where to play next season and "absolutely" he hasn't closed the door on the Cowboys. Kevin Murray said his son plans to give the Cowboys another chance to make another offer before he makes a final decision.

Murray's father also said the DeMarco was returning a call from Chip Kelly, that he didn't initiate the contact. He also said it's just a visit, indicating there are no pending plans to sign anything.

DeMarco Murray could very well be an Eagle at the end of the day. It's impossible to figure out at this point. But one thing is obvious, the Cowboys are not going to panic. They have parameters in mind for Murray, and if they can't sign him at that price, then they will move on.

UPDATE: Schefter is now reporting that Murray is expected sign with Eagles, that Dallas has moved on.


In other news, the Cowboys signed a new fullback according to a source.

That likely means free agent Tyler Clutts will be looking for work elsewhere. Collins wan an undrafted free agent from the 2008 draft. Collins had played for the Saints until signing and playing in all 16 games for the Lions last year.

The Cowboys also said goodbye, as expected, to Henry Melton. The defensive tackle moved on to Tampa Bay to join his old coach, Lovie Smith. He received a one-year deal.

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