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Greg Hardy Likely To Pick Between The Cowboys And The Buccaneers Today

The decision is expected soon.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

There are reports, basically from Greg Hardy's agent, that he will decide on a team today; it's either the Cowboys or the Buccaneers according to Drew Rosenhaus. If that is indeed the case, then Greg Hardy should be a Dallas Cowboy before the day is out. If you have a player who is spending his second day with a team, and is taking a physical, versus a team that he hasn't even visited with - who do you think he's going to sign with?

More evidence that a deal is on the way with the Cowboys comes from The Star Telegram.

The former Carolina Panthers standout met with the Cowboys at Valley Ranch on Tuesday, spent the evening with defensive coaches and had a physical scheduled Wednesday as contract negotiations continued, according to sources. If everything were to check out, Hardy would likely sign a one-year deal with the Cowboys on Wednesday.

The only thing that is not good about that is a one-year deal. I would think the Cowboys would build in a few team options for additional years. Also, we still haven't heard from the NFL on a possible suspension. If he's suspended for six games and you only sign him to a one-year deal, it feels like your selling yourself short. I would expect the Cowboys to get at least two years for taking the risk of signing Hardy and dealing with the inevitable public backlash.

We shall see, and we'll likely see by the end of the day.

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