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Dallas Cowboys Free Agency 2015: Greg Hardy Signs One-Year Deal

The Dallas Cowboys have been patient all along but steadfast in their attempt to improve on their defense. The biggest need has arguably been filled with their newest acquisition.

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[UPDATE:] The specifics of the contract from PFT.

It's a one-year contract, which carries a salary of $750,000. He can earn up to a total of $13.1 million (which was his base salary as Carolina's franchise player in 2014) through a series of per-game roster bonuses, incentives, and a large workout bonus.

Specifically, Hardy can earn a workout bonus of $1.3116 million, a whopping $9.25 million in per-game roster bonuses, and $1.8044 million in incentives based on sacks.

The Cowboys chose to keep the base salary as low as possible in the event that another incident or accusation against Hardy puts him back on the Commissioner's-Exempt list for all or part of the 2015 season. The thinking is that the Cowboys would only owe him game checks and not per-game roster bonuses if he's suspended with pay.


Over the past few days, the Cowboys' brass have been visiting with former Carolina Panthers Pro Bowler and sack artist Greg Hardy. After many reports were swirling over the past week from "no interest" to 'little interest" to even "secret negotiators", the Dallas Cowboys have their man.

Hardy was a sixth-round pick that Carolina turned into the defensive nightmare affectionately named "The Kraken." He doesn't come without his baggage after last year's domestic abuse allegations kept him out of football for the majority of the season. Our very own Dawn Macelli had mixed feelings about the entire saga:

"I find myself conflicted. As a fan who wants nothing more than to see my team triumph, I want to see the best available talent on the roster. Greg Hardy fits that bill. As a woman, I want to see a day when attacks on women have take on the level of seriousness that the deserve. There must be consequences for actions such as the ones that Hardy has been accused of. I cannot have it both ways. I have repeatedly given Martin a pass while not extending the same to Lewan, Rice, and Hardy. It is impossible for me to play on both sides of the street at the same time. I have mixed thoughts on Hardy, and thus I choose to trust the judgement of the front office. I believe that they will consider all aspects of the situation and act in the best interests of the team."

It truly is a hard pill to swallow because it makes you look deep into yourself. Despite how people may feel about the allegations and dismissal, Greg Hardy will certainly be an upgrade for Dallas' rush-needy defensive line.

He agreed to terms of a one-year deal, with Todd Archer reporting an $11.3 million deal, with a possible $13 million max. With this deal comes a caveat of a possible suspension, reports are surfacing that it is believed to be closer to a four-game suspension than the six previously reported. Jason Garrett has been clear that there is "no room for that type of behavior in the NFL." Dallas has done an extensive research project on the troubled player and feel that they can manage his past and set him up to thrive in his future. This isn't their first rodeo by any means. Dallas has dealt with many enigmatic personalities over the years from "Hollywood" Henderson to Charles Haley and Michael Irvin.

The Cowboys are ready to move forward and so is Greg Hardy. Many Cowboys captains have come to terms with this over the past few days and feel Hardy will be a great fit for them. Both Barry Church and Jeremy Mincey, two leaders in the Cowboys' locker room, have mentioned their desire for him to be a Cowboy.

The culture of the Cowboys has been cultivated by head coach Jason Garrett since replacing Wade Phillips in 2010. If Garrett and the rest of the front office would take this leap, it's likely they believe they can handle all of the ramifications. After producing three consecutive double-digit sack seasons, Greg Hardy seems to be exactly what the doctor ordered for a defense that could only produce 28 sacks in 2014.

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