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Cover 4: Four Cowboys Quandaries

As we all know with this team, nothing is ever on the back-page and yesterday's news is always recycled. There are a few topics I would like to interject my two cents on before we move back into our draft coverage.

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As always, our beloved Dallas Cowboys always find themselves as Captain Relevance. Sometimes I can't help but think of an awesome lyric from Ice Cube in "If You're Scared, Go To Church." In that song he says very simply "I ain't Mike Jones, so keep my name out your mouth." That's exactly how I feel at times when it comes to the Cowboys, but with "America's Team" comes "America's Spotlight." Here are four thoughts that have been running through my noggin that I just must speak on.

The Ro-Mac Rollercoaster

The longer this lingers the more I see McClain returning to the Cowboys. I hear all the "divorce talk" that's going around, but I think the Cowboys still believe he has value to them. He's enigmatic and a bit knuckle-headed too, but he offers a serious presence on gameday. There has been absolutely no interest on the outside for his services. Our own Tom Ryle discussed the Cowboys potential lack of trust in McClain. As the season wore on, McClain became less and less available to the team. That right there would give any front office some pause. If the Cowboys decide to move on from McClain, I'm not going to picket or anything. With that said, I feel that if McClain does lace it up in 2015, it will be the Cowboys star on that helmet.

Dean Blandino's Emphatic "No Catch" Jargon

Frankly, I'm so tired of this creeping back up into daily conversation. However, Blandino's newfound explanation is even sillier than the first. I preface that by saying for the LAST time, "It was a catch." Blandino has done everything in his power to separate himself from the infamous "party bus" story. Now, they are changing the wording?! It just makes zero sense and paints the NFL Competition Committee as foolish. Here's the new translation:

"The NFL Competition Committee has not changed the rule of what constitutes a catch, but tweaked the wording. Rather than "making a football move," a receiver must "establish himself as a runner" in order to register a completed pass. If he is falling to the ground, the receiver must hang onto the ball. "

The fact is that during Dez's roll to the ground, he never actually loses possession of the ball, rather he re-catches it in the end-zone with what I believe is a TOUCHDOWN. The committee seemed to be as pleased with their new phrasing as a man who just found out he was NOT the father on Maury. It didn't clear anything up, it just furthered the notion that Blandino is afraid to admit he was wrong due to the backlash for other bad calls that would ensue. So if Dez was supposed to establish himself as a runner, what was that three steps about? Preach on brother Archer!

Stephen Jones' Brilliance

As the days wore on into free agency, Jones never wavered and it really shows how great this front office has become. His patience and willingness to take risks with higher chances of optimal results have worked wonders as of late. Despite how many feel on the subject, Stephen's acquisition of Greg Hardy was huge. They have taken all the pressure off of DeMarcus Lawrence while also making their football team better. Though some feel Dallas lost out on the "Murray Sweepstakes", think again. The front office showed poise in sticking to their guns and not allowing pressure to seep in. The days of overpaying players is over, though Murray will certainly be missed. Jones knew that he had all the real leverage with the draft on the horizon. We will see what the McFadden addition has to offer soon enough, but the front office got him for a cup of coffee. This draft will see the Cowboys take another back, and with as many good ones available, Dallas will not be hamstrung by contracts. Stephen Jones and Will McClay have set this franchise up to select a good player in the first round without having to reach. Cornerback? Yes. Running back? Certainly. Defensive End? Why not? Dallas will not be without options and that is a very good thing.

Brandon Carr Says No

Ben Dogra, the agent of Cowboys' cornerback Brandon Carr said that he "will not be taking a pay cut from his $8,000,000 salary." I nearly spit up my afternoon coffee in amusement. That's an easy statement to make in March, but come July, I certainly see a change in the works. Brandon Carr will likely watch as his salary is sliced in half much like Doug Free's many moons ago. There is no way that another team would be willing to pay Carr that figure, (er...perhaps Philly or Tampa). All jokes aside, Dogra is just having the back of his client, but I still could not help myself.

With such a slow news day around Valley Ranch, I thought it best to get a few things off the chest or cuff, whichever is preferred. We have such a wonderful community here at BTB and I look forward to the many of your opinions in the comment section.

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