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Cowboys News & Notes: Thoughts On Contracts; Tony Romo, Mogul?

Discussing DeMarco Murray, Dez Bryant, Brandon Carr, and Anthony Spencer. And how the NFL has become a world-devouring monster.

The head coach shares some feelings.
The head coach shares some feelings.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Garrett Reiterates Respect For Murray, But Moving On Was The Right Call Financially | Dallas Cowboys

At the NFL owners' meeting, Jason Garrett made his first statement about the departure of DeMarco Murray. It seems safe to say that he might have wanted the Cowboys to try just a little harder to keep him.

"What he was able to do for our ball club last year was phenomenal. He had a huge impact on the success that we had," Garrett said. "Unfortunately, there is the business of football. We wanted him to be a Cowboy -- not just for this coming year, but for many years to come. But there is a business aspect. He had to do what he felt was right for him and his family, and we had to do what was right for our organization."

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones: ‘Our best chance of getting better’ was to let DeMarco Murray go | Dallas Morning News

Jerry Jones summed up the underlying logic nicely (although the mud-spattered Bronco story later in the article is classic Jerryspeak).

"He's an outstanding football player,'' Jones said late Tuesday afternoon from the NFL Annual Meetings. "Under the right circumstances it would have been good for everybody for him to be here.

"On the other hand, our best chance of getting better was to make the decision we made.''

Cowboys haven’t asked CB Brandon Carr to take a pay cut _ yet | Dallas Morning News

But it is clear that the team has not taken the idea off the table.

Owner Jerry Jones said the club is looking at everything it can do to create room so it can continue to improve the team.

"Any time that we can make adjustments that gives us more cap room, that can be very appealing,'' Jerry Jones said.

"That's Carr. That would be Carr.''

Cowboys won’t offer WR Dez Bryant the same clause Greg Hardy received | Dallas Morning News

One feature of the highly unusual contract the team negotiated with Hardy was that it prohibits Dallas from using the franchise tag on him after this season. But that is not something Dez Bryant can expect when the he and the team eventually get to a long term deal.

Executive vice president Stephen Jones said the Cowboys have no intention of extending that same offer to Dez Bryant as the two sides struggle to reach a long-term agreement.

"No, not for a one-year deal,'' Jones said. "I don't think he wants to have the contract Hardy has.

"These are two different things in my mind.''

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo investing in fantasy football - ESPN

Looks like the Tony Romo may be making some money off the pastime where he has racked up some big numbers for those who draft him.

Romo is an equity investor in the 2015 National Fantasy Football Convention that will be held July 10-12 at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, which will bring fantasy football fans together with more than 100 active players for autograph signings, question-and-answer sessions, parties, and more.

Cowboys QB Tony Romo helps dream come true for 7-year-old fan | Dallas Morning News

And he's doing some other pretty cool stuff. Just watch the video.

New Orleans Saints bring in Cowboys DE/OLB Anthony Spencer for visit - ESPN

This could be a good move. Spencer could return to the 3-4 OLB position he used to play, and reunite with a coach that knows him well.

The longtime Dallas Cowboys standout is 31-years-old and was limited by a knee injury over the past two years. But Spencer had the best season of his career under current Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan in 2012. So a reunion could make a lot of sense.

Five Wonders: Dallas Cowboys Greg Hardy's sack total - ESPN

Among Todd Archer's musings is an idea that seems like a natural (and that has already occurred to a few of us anyway).

At some point here soon, we should know the opening week primetime games. The Cowboys are always a draw for the primetime audiences, and I would expect them to have five games once again on ESPN, NBC and NFL Network when the schedule comes out. But for the opener I wonder if they will be matched up with the Philadelphia Eagles. That's a natural game to start a season anyway, but it's made juicier by DeMarco Murray's departure for the Eagles as a free agent. Wouldn't that be a huge ratings getter to kick off the season?

Roster Rundown: Despite Limited Reps As Rookie, Street Earned Valuable Experience | Dallas Cowboys

A lot of people don't think the Cowboys got much from the draft pick they spent on Devin Street, but with the plethora of other targets for Romo, 2014 was actually a year for learning and development for him.

His role was to be active each week, play in certain packages and if something happened to one of the other receivers injury wise he was there to fill the void. By also having him active each week he gained valuable experience of what it took to prepare each week to play but it also allowed him to grow and appreciate how tough it is to play receiver in this league. Some of the techniques that he was able to get away with while playing at Pittsburgh doesn't always work at this level. Derek Dooley has worked with him daily on his mental and physical toughness because you do see the other traits of initial quickness and vertical separation.

Bob Sturm’s 2015 NFL Draft profile: What I see in T.J. Clemmings, T, Pitt | Dallas Morning News

Sturm continues his work on offensive linemen available in the draft.

I realize there are some things to slow our roll about and that his Senior Bowl was not the greatest showing ever, but despite that, I think Clemmings is very impressive and a player I would have no problem tabbing for the Top 32 picks.  He has all of the tools you want in a tackle and although he still needs to learn as he goes, all of the tools are there in his toolbox.


Some additional topics from around the league.

How the NFL Stole March Madness - WSJ

Despite the dire predictions of some (we're looking at you, Mark Cuban), the NFL has continued to grow in popularity. It has become a truly year round sport, which you probably knew. But you might not have realized how rapidly this has happened.

A brand measurement company called YouGov tracks companies to see if people are hearing about them at any given time. Their numbers tell the story of the new NFL. In 2013, the popularity of the NFL dipped after the Super Bowl and didn't come back up for months. In 2014, the buzz returned on March 10. This off-season, according to the data, the general public started talking about the NFL on February 18th, around the time of the league's annual combine. In a two-year span, the NFL has managed to lay siege to a season that once belonged to other sports.

Luker On Trends, a polling company, asked respondents during the heart of last year's baseball season which sport was most interesting to them. The answer was football, even though no football games were being played. The NFL beat baseball by four percentage points during the NFL's off-season.

Rex Ryan: I Was Stunned Eagles Would Trade LeSean McCoy | Robert Littal Presents BlackSportsOnline

You probably know exactly why this is here. If you aren't sure, you have probably missed my series of tributes to the genius that is Chip Kelly.

"We were just kinda like stunned there for a little bit. We were like really? Wow," Ryan said. "Obviously, we were interested, and then the trade came down. We knew it wasn't gonna be cheap by any stretch, and losing a player like Kiko Alonso is obviously a steep price, but we felt really good about it."

Redskins GM Says They Could Draft a QB | Robert Littal Presents BlackSportsOnline

The cost of the trade to get Robert Griffin III continues to be paid. The new GM, Scot McGloughan, has no hesitation about drafting a quarterback despite having Griffin and Kirk Cousins already on the roster.

"I don't have any ties with any of the players. I didn't draft them. So I'm coming in — prove it to me. Prove to me you deserve to be on the field. That's the way it should be in the NFL."

Let's all dance on the 49ers' grave - Acme Packing Company

OCC found this at our sister Green Bay site. If you don't have any particular emotions about the San Francisco 49ers, it is still a funny read. And if you remember things like The Catch, then this is a riot.

And look, as a football fan and as someone who posits himself to be a decent, and empathetic human being, I suppose I should feel bad that the 49ers demise has come so swiftly and brutally.

But nah, screw all that.

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