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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: "Cowboys Operating The Way Smart Teams Do."

Sunday morning Cowboys headlines: Cowboys taking a much more prudent approach this offseason; How to handle Brandon Carr’s contract situation; Can RB Ryan Williams be The Man?

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Dallas Cowboys taking a much more prudent approach this offseason - Jean-Jacques Taylor, ESPN Dallas
The Cowboys suddenly are a prudent offseason shopper, a proper approach for a team trying to build a sustained winner, JJT writes.

These Cowboys are pragmatic in their approach to the roster -- and they're not really willing to be all that flexible. If middle linebacker Rolando McClain wants to play for close to the minimum of $745,000, then he'll be back. If he doesn't, then he won't. If defensive end Anthony Spencer wants to sign a team-friendly deal for one or two years, then he'll be back. If not, he won't.

It may take some time to get used to it, but your Cowboys are operating the way smart teams do it these days. Relax and admire it.

Bob Sturm: Here’s how I handle Brandon Carr’s contract situation | Dallas Morning News
The Sturminator has has an idea of how to keep Carr and get his cap hit down at the same time.

[Brandon Carr] has all of the leverage now. He has more than most people are admitting later. But, I think there is a happy medium to where we currently are. The Cowboys cannot cut him and find another corner who can play 1,000 downs unless they want to draft a CB in the 1st and even then they are risking plenty. I keep Carr and maybe extend him a year to get his 2015 number down.

Greg Hardy must be on roster for final game to claim $1.8M incentives | Clarence Hill, The Star Telegram The Star Telegram
With no guaranteed money, the Cowboys can walk away from Greg Hardy, even from his incentives.

Hardy can make an extra $1.8 million in sack incentives. If he gets eight sacks, he will earn $500,000. 10 sacks will get him $1 million. 12 sacks will get him $1.2 million and 14 sacks will get him $1.8 million. [...]

Hardy must be on the roster for the final game to collect any of the incentive money, per a source. If he get’s out of line in final month of the season and gets cut, then he will be disqualified from getting the incentive money no matter how many sacks he has racked up at the time.

Cowboys won’t spend a lot to bring back Rolando McClain | ProFootballTalk
This is what Bob Sturm wrote in a chat with fans last week:

It sure sounds like they have a number and maybe [Rolando McClain] has a drastically different one. He surely saw Bruce Carter’s new deal: 4 yr, $17m – (Just year 1 guaranteed) and Justin Durant: 3 years/$10.8m (with just $1.25m guaranteed) and tried to set his own market price. I will say this – the market prices for non-pass rushing LBs is amazingly low around the league.

The headline above and the quote below are what PFT made out of Sturm's musings.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the Cowboys and McClain have "a drastically different" number in mind when it comes to how much McClain should be paid. In other words, the Cowboys are willing to McClain back only if he’s willing to play for something close to the $700,000 they paid him last year.

Can RB Ryan Williams be The Man? - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
In response to a Twitter question, Todd Archer counsels to tap the brakes on RB Ryan Williams.

I'm not sure how anybody can say he can be The Man. He was OK in the preseason last year, but he has played in five regular-season games and averaged 2.8 yards per carry. I don't think the reason he wasn't on the 53-man roster last year had to do with his pass protection. To the Cowboys, he wasn't better than Joseph Randle and Lance Dunbar.

He will get another chance to show he's better this summer. If he's better, he'll get a chance, but, again, it wasn't his blocking that kept him off the roster. He doesn't cover kicks. He doesn't have kick return abilities. It would be a great story if he makes the team and has a great year, but there is no way the Cowboys can go into the season counting on him to be a difference-maker.

TCU cornerback to work out with Cowboys | FOX Sports
Kevin White announced Friday that he will work out at "Dallas Day" when the Cowboys work out local prospects ahead of the NFL Draft.


NFL will curb on-field slurs, with one notable exception -
The NFL is working to end all on-field slurs and hateful language -- but it decided not to act against the use of the word "redskin."

NFL's 2016 free agent class could be loaded with stars - USAToday
Bored already with 2015 free agency? This article provides a preview of some of the standouts of next year's free agency class. Though why Eli Manning and Sam Bradford are included here is anybody's guess.

Pete Carroll on Eagles' offseason: Chip Kelly 'knows what he's doing' -
Pete Carroll has no doubt that Eagles' coach Chip Kelly knows what he's doing.

"His record and his history has proven that he knows what he's doing and that he has his act together," Carroll continued. "I know he's really excited to have the opportunity to be in the position to mold the team. I wouldn't doubt for a second that he's not on it. He knows what he wants and what he needs. He's proven that."

This is also what people said about Reid in 2011.


NFL Owners Chose Cost Over Game Integrity - Football by Football
Brady Poppinga, who closed out his NFL career with four games for the Cowboys, shines a light on how the league had a chance to improve game integrity but ignored it.

When NFL commissioner Roger Goodell repeatedly cites "game integrity" as a leading motivation, but then the owners cite cost for not acting on a proposal that clearly improves game integrity, somebody is clearly not telling the truth. Public comments that don't square with reality obviously aren't a new thing for the league offices.

A team executive, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told USA TODAY Sports earlier this week that teams were told that the cost to install the cameras could approach $20 million...a significant cost, no doubt. But relative to a business that takes in over $11 billion in annual revenues? Maybe not so significant...

Chargers' team doctor resigns due to "franchise uncertainty" - ESPN
How bad has your team situation got to be when your head team physician quits his job due to "franchise uncertainty"?

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