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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Can Greg Hardy And Sean Lee Transform Cowboys Defense?

Latest Cowboys headlines from a very slow Sunday.

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Report: Hardy-Lee combo could 'transform defense' | Dallas Morning News
Quoting an ESPN article by Matt Williamson, this article points out that the pieces could be in place for a step-changed Cowboys defense.

"Jeremy Mincey played well for the Cowboys in 2014, and DeMarcus Lawrence has a lot of ability that flashed at the end of the year. This could be a very good defensive line after the addition of Hardy. Behind this upgraded defensive line, Sean Lee needs to finally stay healthy and the Cowboys could use a new recruit or two for the second level via the draft. But their pass rush and overall play up front should make this an improved defense."

Adrian Peterson a Cowboy? Never say never - Clarence Hill, The Star Telegram
Quick, somebody call Rick Grimes, we've got undead storylines roaming the interwebs.

5 players Cowboys might regret passing on in 2010 draft | Dallas Morning News
"It’s easy to look back and find the diamonds in the rough. It’s obviously much more difficult to identify them on draft day," Jon Machota writes, and then promptly chooses the easy road. Channeling his inner Captain Hindsight, Machota proceeds to tell us who the Cowboys coulda, shoulda, woulda have drafted in 2010.

Kansas linebacker Ben Heeney works out with Cowboys coach at his pro day - USA Today
Heeney has flown up the boards among Cowboys fans over recent days, and while this article is about a life lesson Heeney learned from a boating accident, Cowboys fans will be pleased to hear this nugget:

My pro day last week was good. I didn't really do much. I did my bench press again – still stuck on 19 reps, even though I got 21 like a week before in training – and then I just did position work on the field. One of the coaches from the Cowboys was running drills. All the coaches said they liked what they saw and my position drills were good.

NFL Draft Diary: Ex-UGA WR Chris Conley talks Cowboys workout - 247sports
Conley chronicles his path to the NFL, providing insight into his journey heading into the draft, which recently included a workout with the Cowboys.

It would be an honor to play for the Cowboys. Those guys are ballers. They are called America's Team for a reason - a great organization with a winning tradition. It was cool to be able to interact and work with those guys. Moving forward, this process is something I continue to take in stride. Having the honor to work with teams like the Cowboys, one that I have watched on TV and seen that star on their helmet, is pretty surreal. So it was a cool moment.

The Cowboys said not to worry about the process. So many people get anxious and they get caught up in where they are going to get drafted or how high. Ultimately they told me my draft position does not determine my opportunity. Outside of the first and second rounds, everyone is pretty much on an even playing field. It comes down to making the most of the opportunities when I get them. I was told that if I continue to work the way that I am that I will be just fine. It is about how I work, putting in the time, and having a focus to set aside a couple years of my life on this game if I want to be successful at it.

Depth Chart Holes -
Adam Levitan looks takes a look at the running back situation in Dallas from a fantasy perspective.

In the wake of DeMarco Murray’s defection, coach Jason Garrett said the run-first philosophy that was so successful last season will stay intact. "It was a good style of football for us to play. We will continue to try to do that," he said. The Cowboys’ road-grating offensive line remains in place, but the horse in the backfield does not. Darren McFadden was signed to be a "home-run hitting backup," underwear thief Joseph Randle is not likely to be the true answer and Ryan Williams has appeared in five NFL games since 2011. Perhaps Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon or another draft pick will become a Cowboy and take hold of the No. 1 rookie for re-draft spot.


Yesterday was linebacker and running back day here on BTB. In case you missed it, here's your chance to go back and read three articles that looked at the available backs and linebackers in this year's draft class.

Finding Playmaking Linebackers For The Cowboys - Blogging The Boys
Whether the Cowboys will draft a linebacker this year depends on their comfort level with the players they already have on the roster. If they do decide to draft a linebacker, we looked at the college production of the draft prospects to find a couple of names that could be of interest.

Finding The Superior Athlete: Impact Linebackers - Blogging The Boys
After looking at the college production of 24 draft-eligible linebackers, we looked at their athletic markers to see which prospects would emerge as the most productive AND most athletic targets.

Finding The Superior Athlete: Impact Running Backs - Blogging The Boys
Then we turned around and did the same thing for running backs. In a running back class that's supposed to be exceptionally deep, which prospects stand out in terms of athleticism and production?


ICYMI: FedEx Field & match organizers couldn't even get Salvadoran national anthem right - The Washington Post
Fans of El Salvador’s national soccer team reacted with anger and unhappiness Saturday evening, when an incorrect anthem for the team apparently played before its friendly against Argentina at FedEx Field.


What some Cowboys were up to over the weekend.

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