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Dallas Cowboys Free Agency Focus 2015: Should Cowboys Consider Vince Wilfork?

One of the biggest names in Free Agency will certainly be also one of the biggest guys, period. Vince Wilfork's option has not been picked up by the Super Bowl winning Patriots, and now he's set to hit a flooding market of defensive linemen. Should the Cowboys even consider the option?

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As Free Agency rapidly approaches, lots of bigger fish are being set-free to test their values on the open market. Perhaps one of the largest is defensive tackle Vince Wilfork, whose option was declined by the New England Patriots. Wilfork is a great NFL talent, but with that comes great NFL dollars.

Though at this point Wilfork is closer to the end of his career than the beginning, he has certainly played well into the latter. With the Cowboys needing more beef in the middle of their defensive line, it's no surprise that folks would bring up his name.

According to Bryan Broaddus, the feeling throughout  the league is that Wilfork would desperately like to return to New England. It's even been mentioned that he may be willing to take a pay-cut. The New England Patriots have been adamant that they've moved on from the twelve-year veteran. Wilfork has made it clear that he believes he still has gas in the tank:

Wilfork is a name to be enamored with because of the success he's had, even this year he ranked 13th in his position with a +10.4 grade according to PFF. That being said, he'll certainly get that opportunity. I'm here to tell you that the Cowboys shouldn't be the one to give it to him. I know he's a former first-round selection but at 34 years old, it's just not worth a one or two year deal that will likely make Dallas overpay for his services.

It has been said numerous times throughout different Cowboys' voices like Spagnola, Broaddus, and Eatman; that the Cowboys just don't value the one-technique position highly enough to pay big dollars or spend high picks. It is certainly likely that if the Cowboys really want to upgrade that position, which they definitely should, a candidate could be found either later in the draft or a few days into free agency.

There will be big names on the market such as Vince Wilfork, Stephen Paea, Terrance Knighton and others. However, there will still be plenty of healthy options once the big fish are taken. Nick Fairley and Kenrick Ellis could be other names that may receive some traction, but don't have the history of production as some of those more recognizable names. All in all, the free agency market may be stacked in the Cowboys favor.

With so many bigger marquee names being released by their respective clubs, Dallas' normal wait-and-see approach should serve them well. One thing is absolutely sure, if the Dallas Cowboys want to get some bargain upgrades in free agency, there will be those opportunities. I urge the many to not focus on March 10th so much as to maybe look around the 17th or into April. Be sure to stay tuned to BTB for any and every bit of news as we gear up for what I'm sure will be an exciting free agency period.

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