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Cowboys 2015 Free Agency Rumors: Stephen Paea, C.J. Spiller Among Names Connected To Dallas

The rumors are starting to come out, we take a look at a few to try and discern the truth.

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With the start of free agency just around the corner, and the legal tampering period in full swing, the rumors are starting to fly. Earlier, OCC brought you the story of the Cowboys reported interest in defensive end Adrian Clayborn. That one makes sense as long as a price war doesn't break out as OCC noted.

Another one that makes sense - Bears defensive tackle Stephen Paea.

A couple of weeks ago Michael Sisemore wrote about this possibility. In it, he noted that Paea had a very good 2014.

PFF graded him a high +14.4 for 2014, and ranked him 11th overall. Paea had his best season with six sacks, 24 solo tackles, and 31 hurries. After coming off such a good year, it's hard to determine what his value will be on the market. Recent history has been spotty at best with plenty of guys not getting the big payday they expected.

He's still young, only 26 years old, so it's kind of curious why the Bears supposedly have no interest in re-signing him. Maybe he doesn't fit their new scheme under John Fox. There is some familiarity with Rod Marinelli on this one, so this rumor has the smell of truth to it, although it all comes down to price.

Another rumor out there has the Cowboys interested in former Bills running back C.J. Spiller if they can't re-sign DeMarco Murray.

Yes, the Cowboys are very confident running back DeMarco Murray will give them a chance to come close to the best offer he finds on the open market.  But they’re prepared, in the event they’re wrong. Per multiple league sources, the Cowboys will consider adding former Bills running back C.J. Spiller, if Murray leaves.

This one doesn't sound as solid to me. If the Cowboys were going to spend money on a veteran running back, why wouldn't they just pay the premium and get DeMarco Murray back. Spiller might come cheaper than Murray, but probably not enough cheaper that it would justify the Cowboys not laying out the extra cash to get Murray. Spiller supposedly turned down $4.5 million from the Bills, so that gives you an idea of how much he wants. This rumor just doesn't make a lot of sense to me. If Murray leaves, I expect the Cowboys to go to the draft for a replacement, or perhaps they look north?

Vikings officials have been saying with regularity the past month they want Adrian Peterson back. His father, though, said Friday that could be to increase his value in case they want to trade him.

Peterson remains under contract to Minnesota but has expressed reservations about returning despite top Vikings executives Mark Wilf, Kevin Warren and Rick Spielman being among those who have spoken about wanting him back.

"They can increase his worth by saying, ‘Hey, we want him back,’’’ Nelson Peterson told the Pioneer Press. "That’s part of negotiations. Even if you don’t want a player, you’re telling the public, you’re going to tell everybody else that you want him back because therefore you can increase his value in case you try to trade him or whatever. You can get more for him in that way. You never know what’s going to happen now.’’

Peterson recently met with the Vikings brass and didn't come away from the meeting saying everything is fine. And the fact that his father is still talking about a trade could lead one to believe that AP would rather play elsewhere this season. And everybody knows where that elsewhere is - Big D. I'm still skeptical that this deal could happen, but the longer Peterson resists putting all his chips in with the Vikings, the more the rumor will grow. The Vikings have said they would try to accommodate Peterson with a trade if he eventually asks for one.

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