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Cowboys News & Notes:Tony Romo Healthy, Sean Lee Eager, Darren McFadden Possible Starter?

With free agency slowed and the draft still almost a month away, we have a potpourri of news about the Cowboys for your reading pleasure today.

"So, Tony, about that pay cut you offered to take for DeMarco . . ."
"So, Tony, about that pay cut you offered to take for DeMarco . . ."
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Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo already attacking offseason - ESPN

A lot of Dallas Cowboys are working out to get ready for the offseason training activities, and for the first time in a few years, Tony Romo is one of them. This is a very positive sign. It's always good when your starting quarterback and leader of the team has such a great attitude about hitting the workout room.

"This is the first offseason where I've been able to kind of get after it this early and be able to kind of improve in a lot of different areas that I think you aren't able to until you get healthy enough to attack it," Romo said on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas on Tuesday. "I'm just excited about that, really."

Dallas Cowboys' interest in Matt Schaub was fleeting - ESPN

The reports that Dallas showed some interest in Matt Schaub (who has just signed with the Baltimore Ravens) turned out to have a real basis in fact, although the idea was short-lived. The fact several other teams were showing interest caused them to bow out quickly.

The Cowboys have said they would look at an upgrade over Brandon Weeden as Romo's backup, but they have some financial constraints.

Tony Romo of Dallas Cowboys -- I would have taken pay cut for DeMarco Murray - ESPN Dallas

Obviously there was a lot more to the decision by Dallas to not pony up the money to keep DeMarco Murray than just finding cap space.

"DeMarco ended up asking me, 'Why don't you take a pay cut?'" Romo said while appearing on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas on Tuesday. "I was like, 'I will. I will take a pay cut to go do this.' I was like, 'They're going to restructure me and the whole thing,' that's the same thing in some ways just for salary-cap purposes. He was like, 'OK, now we're back to being friends.' 'You're really worried about me? I would take $5 million less if it meant getting you back'. He knew that."

Murray’s Production, Style Hard To Replace, But McFadden Offers Affordable Upside | Dallas Cowboys

Darren McFadden is a bit of a long-shot to become the starter in Murray's absence, but he may turn out to be a pretty good insurance policy.

If the Cowboys can get McFadden to provide anything close to Murray's production, it'll be the biggest win of the season. But who is to say the Cowboys aren't still looking for Murray's real replacement. Whether or not McFadden is just a placeholder, he's a cheap one with a strong upside.

Cowboys LB coach Matt Eberflus: Sean Lee ‘super excited’ for weakside opportunity | Dallas Morning News

It looks like the reports that Sean Lee will move to the WILL linebacker position are now part of the plan for this season.

"If it says ‘linebacker' behind the position, I think he's going to be okay," said Cowboys linebackers coach Matt Eberflus.  "I think that, like I said, we'll tie all these guys together and see how they fit. And we'll find the best position for them.... Sean's uniqueness in his ability, like a few other guys that we've had, he's able to play all positions. He can really play all positions. That's what makes him a valuable asset to our defense. He will certainly be good once we get him there and get him going. He's really super excited and so am I."

Lost & Found: White Can Be Upgrade Over Moore If He Can Find Home As Slot Corner | Dallas Cowboys

A lot of people questioned why the Cowboys let Sterling Moore go, but this analysis of Corey White and how he is a better option to step in and play the slot position reveals the reasoning behind the move.

Don't forget, the Cowboys claimed White before Moore signed with another team. So they had the chances to bring back Moore but opted to pick up White's contract. White has a little more experience in the nickel as a slot cornerback, which could allow Orlando Scandrick to stay on the outside for the entire time. There were some games last year in which Scandrick matched up against a No. 1 receiver but had to switch off of him to play in the slot. If the Cowboys had a player - like White - to handle the load inside and keep Scandrick on the outside, it would ultimately strengthen the defense.

Jermey Parnell Was A "Luxury" The Cowboys Must Find A Way To Replace | Dallas Cowboys

The mothership was full of analysis of the logic behind what the Cowboys did in free agency. This takes a look at why Jermey Parnell was not kept, and now the team may be looking to the draft for his replacement. And the dollars were big in this one.

Parnell leveraged his successful stint as a starter into a five-year, $32 million contract with Jacksonville less than one week after the Cowboys re-signed Free to a three-year, $15 million deal.

That leaves the starting- tackle situation solidified in Dallas for the foreseeable future, with Free signed through 2017 and Smith under contract for literally a decade. Parnell has proven the importance of a solid swing tackle, though, and the Cowboys now have to worry about finding his replacement.

Will the Dallas Cowboys draft a run-stopping defensive tackle? - ESPN

Two years ago, there was a good bit of controversy when Dallas traded back with Sharrif Floyd available as the highest rated player left on their draft board. Although the trade worked out very well for Dallas, netting All-Pro center Travis Frederick and starting wide receiver Terrance Williams, the breakdown in the process was clear - although it did have the unexpected benefit of the greater role now played by Will McClay for the team.

With the Cowboys moving to the 4-3 after an eight-year run in the 3-4 and a switch in defensive coaches, there was a lapse in communication between the scouting and coaching staffs that led Floyd to be the fifth-rated player on their board.

At least that's the explanation the Cowboys gave. And as they get ready for the 2015 draft, the 1-technique defensive tackle debate will continue again.

Will Cowboys’ Dez Bryant, like Demaryius Thomas, skip offseason program? | Dallas Morning News

Let's admit how much we would all hate to see this. But what Dez Bryant does will be a clear sign of how much hard feelings he has about the situation, and whether the team has been able to soothe them.

Bryant has said nothing publicly about his intentions. But like Thomas, he has been secured by the $12.82 million franchise tag. Like Thomas, he has yet to sign the tender and desperately wants long-term security. The only leverage Bryant has at the moment is not to sign the tender and skip team workouts over the next three months.

Dallas Cowboys to see lots of familiar faces in 2015 - ESPN

There is a possibility that the Cowboys could face nine players that were wearing the Star last season lined up with opponents this year, depending on what eventually happens with Anthony Spencer and Rolando McClain (who could both still wind up back with Dallas).

But if McClain and Spencer join those on opposite sidelines in 2015, it would add, if nothing else, some more storylines, just as Greg Hardy's return engagement against the Carolina Panthers will draw added attention.

NFL Appears Close To Changing PAT Rules " CBS Chicago

With a reported 30 out of 32 franchises backing the idea of moving the PAT back to the 15 yard line, it seems inevitable that change is coming. The reason it hasn't already been made official turns out to be how to handle the other way of scoring after a touchdown.

The debate stalls when trying to determine where the ball will be snapped on a two-point conversion: either the one-and-a-half-yard line or the two-yard line. That half-yard may seem insignificant, but consider that last season, teams went for a touchdown only five times when faced with fourth-and-goal from the two-yard line. The belief is there would be more debate and consideration by coaches to go for two from the one-and-a-half yard line.

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