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Cowboys Sign Novice Defensive End From England

Dallas isn't scared of taking a chance to find new talent.

Carl Court/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have signed a contract with a football player from London, England who has barely played half a season of organized football. In what many thought might have been an April Fool's Day joke, the Cowboys were serious when they signed Efe Obada who played five games last year with the London Warriors of the British American Football Association. Obada is 6' 6", 255 pounds and is projected to be a defensive end pass rusher. There is also conversation that he could play tight end, but pass rusher seems more a natural fit for an inexperienced player. The Cowboys signed him to a three-year deal to give him plenty of time to learn the game.

The defensive coordinator for the London Warriors is Aden Durde and that's where the connection with the Cowboys begins. Durde was an interim assistant for the Cowboys last summer and presumably was the one who alerted Dallas to the potential in Obada. And potential is what there is here considering Obada is so new to football.

This is the Cowboys second player from England, defensive end Jack Crawford is also a native of the country.

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