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Dallas Cowboys Draft 2015: Five Potential Draft Day Stories

The NFL Draft is full of surprises every year, let's take a look at some possible surprises that could pertain to our beloved Dallas Cowboys.

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Just about every single year the draft provides classic entertainment. I mean, it's got everything: drama, comedy, and more action than you can imagine. With that said, almost all of us are proven wrong in our evaluations of players and the needs and wants of each club. That's what makes this time of year the utmost best time for fans. Sure we miss our football, but true football fanatics like us find football in everything we do.

No matter if it's living your dreams through Madden 15 or sitting at a bar conversing with the guy next to you about anything and everything; football is in our blood. The draft may be the single biggest event of the year for us and I for one am I excited to be a part of the festivities in Chicago this year. This year's "meat-and-potatoes" is considered to be in rounds two through four with the possibility of a few stragglers making it to round five. That leaves me wondering just about how many teams will be trying to double-down and grab as much talent in the top 100 or so picks. Every draft tells it's own story and something tells me this one will not fall short of being one of the most interesting drafts in some time. Let's open up the realm of possibility and see what that could mean for the Dallas Cowboys.

Reggie McKenzie Wants Back In

After listening to the Draft Show with Bryan Broaddus, David Helman, and Dane Brugler this scenario has been playing out in my head. The Raiders are in the market for a wide receiver and offensive linemen. They boasted the oldest team in the league last year and really need to utilize this draft to get younger. Amari Cooper is likely to be their first pick at fourth overall, but that doesn't solve the problem they have on their offensive line. So I pose this, if Reggie calls and offers the Cowboys picks 35, 102, and 140 to come back and get a guy like T.J. Clemmings, would it be worth it?

The Cowboys would likely try and pry away that third-round pick, but it may be too rich for Oakland. However, Dallas could sweeten the deal by throwing in another pick this year maybe a fourth or fifth. Would you pull the trigger?

San Diego Snags Melvin Gordon, Arizona Acquires Todd Gurley

The surprise in this is just the order in which it takes place. Todd Gurley is without a doubt the sure-fire number one running back prospect, but San Diego needs help now. By taking Gordon, the Chargers have a plug-and-play starter and the Cardinals get the best prospect in the draft. Arizona also needs a runner but can get by a little better than the Chargers at the moment.

If this comes into play, then two of the Cowboys running back potentials are now off the board. Though there are plenty of backs available in the middle rounds, I could see a scenario where this happens and Dallas trades back to get Jay Ajayi. Those wishing that the Boise State Bronco is going to be there at 60 will likely be disappointed. Ajayi is the only prospect that I'm hearing anything in regards to recruiting going on around Valley Ranch. They took the young-man to dinner folks! It's safe to say that they like him a lot, and it's even safer to say that the running game is perhaps the most important aspect of the Cowboys offensive attack. If Dallas isn't sold on the likes of Tevin Coleman, Duke Johnson, or any other Johnson for that matter, this makes the most sense without having to give up picks to trade up in round two. Something to think about.

DE Randy Gregory or OLB Shane Ray Fall

Once considered premier pass rushers in this year's draft, these two have come under a bit of scrutiny in the past few weeks. Gregory is the arguably the best defensive end in the draft, but has three failed drug tests looming over his head. Even after Gregory was warned by coaches at Nebraska that if he failed another test, he would be kicked off the team. Lo and behold, Gregory failed his drug test at the Scouting Combine. He stated that the failed test stemmed from usage in December, which has many skeptical to say the least. Shane Ray is a different story, where he didn't participate in drills at the combine due to a toe injury. One scout blasted Ray, saying that he's seen enough and doesn't believe he's good enough to rush the passer at the NFL level. There are concerns about Ray's size and his numbers were not as impressive as other pass rushing prospects.

If either of these two prospects were to fall within reach for the Cowboys, just turn in their card and put them in the hands of Rod Marinelli. Both guys have great motors and ability to put quarterbacks on the ground, I'm sure Hot Rod can find a place for that on his defense.

Byron Jones Becomes Highly Coveted Cornerback

After Connecticut's Pro Day, many scouts are going back and looking at the tape. Byron Jones is probably one of the more gifted athletes in this draft. He's also my top corner pick for the Dallas Cowboys. Just a few months ago he wasn't even really on the radar. All the talk after Trae Waynes was about Kevin Johnson, P.J. Williams, Marcus Peters and others. Jones shattered both the world and combine record for a broad jump of 12' 3'', ran a 4.3 40 time at his Pro Day, and came just short of the highest vertical jump this year with 44 1/2 inches. "He's certainly secured a top spot in the second round." said Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated. Now there are whispers of creeping into the first round and perhaps at the exact spot the Dallas Cowboys may be picking. I for one think Byron Jones may be the exact type of corner the Dallas Cowboys could sorely use.

Minnesota Vikings Trying To Move Adrian Peterson

Our very own Tom Ryle doesn't even want to conceive this notion but that doesn't mean it isn't a definite possibility. Think about this, if AP is as disgruntled as we are all hearing and is adamant of not playing for the Vikings; what better way to get something done than on April 30th? Draft picks are at their highest value and so will the availability of moving Peterson and getting something in return. I don't dismiss for one second that there will be other bidders such as San Diego or Arizona, but we all know where he wants to play. The real question is what will it take to get him? If the Cowboys are truly in the win-now mode, it makes the most sense no matter how much some of us wouldn't like it. I prefer the way of the draft too, but I'd be lying to not admit how intriguing the thought is. For this to happen, the Cowboys would likely have to give up multiple picks and be allowed to negotiate a deal prior to a trade. However, stranger things have happened many-a-time. Besides, I'm with Nick Eatman, Bryan Broaddus and Steve Dennis; if you can win a championship in the next three years, wouldn't it all be worth it. I know Tony Romo, Jason Witten and Jerry Jones would say so.

That is enough craziness for now, I'm sure that the draft will bring forth a ton of guffaws on it's own later this month. This is such an exciting time to be a fan and for us football-addicts, nothing is better than the NFL Draft. I'm curious as to what our community's thoughts are. Do you have any crazy potential draft day wonders?

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