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2015 NFL Draft: Are The Cowboys The Best Fit For Todd Gurley?

It is a tantalizing idea, with Gurley potentially the best running back in a very talented class.

What running back wouldn't love to take DeMarco Murray's place with this group?
What running back wouldn't love to take DeMarco Murray's place with this group?
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With the NFL Draft growing steadily closer, fans of the Dallas Cowboys are pouring over scouting reports and mock drafts trying to figure out who is the best fit for their team. They try to sort out best player and need. Every hint, such as the list of visitors the Cowboys have had before the draft, is scrutinized endlessly.

Over at, they take a look at it from the opposite side of the equation: Which NFL team is the best fit for players? The difference may seem subtle, but it makes sense to think of it this way. What team has personnel and a scheme that will give a given prospect the best chance of success? This is something that the staffs and scouts have to consider. Square pegs in round holes are usually not a good idea.

In a brief video, a couple of analysts break down the best fits for the top six running backs in the draft. They have only two of the players listed as likely first-round selections, Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon, in that order. Right off the top, they select the Cowboys as the best fit for Gurley. Interestingly, they pick the Baltimore Ravens as Gordon's best fit. Since the Ravens have the pick immediately in front of Dallas in the current draft order, it would be to the Cowboys' advantage for the Baltimore staff to agree with this evaluation.

This is just a narrow view of the much bigger draft picture, but for those who are fond of the idea of Gurley wearing the Star and running amok behind the Dallas offensive line, it is very pleasing one. Of course, those who absolutely hate the idea of taking a running back in the first round are going to grind their teeth a bit more. But many analysts see superstar potential in Gurley, and there is little doubt that Dallas, with the run-centric offense they have developed under Scott Linehan, would have to be a dream destination for him (or admittedly for any ambitious running back).

Fortunately, it is now less than two weeks until the draft, and we will finally be able to quit guessing and dreaming and go to discussing who is actually coming to Dallas. But in the meantime, this is a very interesting idea to dwell on.

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