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Cowboys News: Stephen Jones On Orlando Scandrick, Dez Bryant, Adrian Peterson, And Tony Romo

Plus a look at some really bad predictions for the schedule, and another top draft prospect is a secret Dallas fan.

Stephen Jones if feeling good about his quarterback.
Stephen Jones if feeling good about his quarterback.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys' Stephen Jones doesn't see a picks-for-player trade - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN

As the caveats included by Todd Archer indicate, the days leading up to the draft are often filled with misinformation and outright lies, but the Cowboys have often been relatively straightforward about their intentions. The executive vice president (who is thought by many to be the real day-to-day GM) throws some more cold water on the whole idea that Dallas is trying to get Adrian Peterson from the Vikings. It probably won't have any effect on the rumor mill.

"I don't see that happening," Jones said. "I think draft picks are so important for us. That's where your value is in this salary-cap era. I see us using all of our picks and hopefully do it in a good, wise way. Hopefully when the draft is all said and done, we'll have really improved our football team. I don't see us using any picks to trade for veteran ballplayers."

Stephen: Dez Deal Still No. 1 Goal; Scandrick Wanted At Workouts | Dallas Cowboys

Jones also restated the priority the team places on getting a long term deal done with Dez Bryant, and took what might be seen as a mild shot at Orlando Scandrick for staying away from the voluntary workouts.

"If something makes sense for us to add some years or do something, then we'll take a look at that," Jones said. "But we just re-did Orlando's contract a couple of years ago. He's been a really good football player for us. He's a leader on this team and we certainly need him out here. In my mind he should be out here right now working out."

Mailbag: Reason For Scandrick’s Absence?; Is Drafting CB Risky? | Dallas Cowboys

Nick Eatman gives what looks like a pretty accurate take on why Scandrick has his nose a bit out of joint and is staging a semi-holdout that is probably a bid for more money.

Yes, I think you could make that assumption. It's not anything that has been officially clarified but I think that's the issue. And if so, he's got a good argument. Remember, his $1.5 million salary this year equals the salary of Chris Jones and Lance Dunbar, who both just signed their restricted free agent deals. It doesn't mean Scandrick will hold out the entire offseason but if that's the case, I don't know that I can disagree with it.

Moore: Why Dez Bryant, Orlando Scandrick skipped first day of Cowboys' offseason program — and why Greg Hardy didn't | Dallas Morning News

While the reasons for Bryant and Scandrick not showing are of great interest, Greg Hardy had a very simple reason why he showed up while he is still waiting to find out about his pending suspension.

The impending suspension doesn't impact Hardy's ability to take part in the Cowboys' offseason program or training camp. He stands to earn $1.31 million from a workout clause in his contract.

Greg Hardy of Dallas Cowboys files petition to have domestic violence charges expunged

Speaking of that suspension, Hardy has formally taken steps to have the charges made against him removed from the record. It is hard to say if this will have any effect on the league's decision, but in essence the idea of taking this step is that officially, the offense never happened.

Hardy's attorney, Charlotte-based Chris Fialko, confirmed the filing Monday.

The process typically is a formality that takes about four months.

Tony Romo says he’s ‘ready to have the best year he’s ever had’ | | Dallas Morning News

Stephen Jones also had some things to say about how Romo is doing this year.

"No question in my mind," Jones said. "I think he keeps getting better. I actually had a visit with him out there at the awards show and he said he's felt as good as he has felt in years, in terms of his off-season and how his body feels and the work that he's doing."

Bob Sturm's look at potential Cowboys draft considerations at defensive end | Dallas Morning News

Of course we still have the draft coming. Even with the addition of Greg Hardy, the Cowboys are likely to find some more pass rush talent in the draft. Bob Sturm recaps the defensive ends he has analyzed, including one real wildcard that could be a factor for Dallas late.

Frank Clark, Michigan:  Without the elephant in the room, he is going in the Top 2 rounds for sure.  With the elephant in the room, he may not get drafted at all. Read the complete evaluation.

Dallas Cowboys' pre-draft QB interest makes some sense - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN

Sturm also considers why Dallas may be interested in quarterbacks, and mentions this reason why the interest this year may be real.

That the Cowboys would send coaches to work out the prospects is telling. The Cowboys are not a team generally willing to throw smokescreens out there in draft process.

Video: Melvin Gordon tries to hide Cowboys shirt during TV interview | | Dallas Morning News

We may have another running back who really hopes to play behind that superb O line.


Dallas Cowboys 2015 NFL Schedule: Dates, Game Times, Strength Of Schedule & More - Blogging The Boys

As you may have heard, the schedule is finally out. The Cowboys' schedule didn't turn out quite like some of us expected. It is kinda fun to look at some of the predictions that were floating around before the official release.

A guess at the Dallas Cowboys' schedule - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN

They, like almost everyone, expected Dallas to open against the Eagles and DeMarco Murray, and to play all three NFC East opponents in the last three games. Also got this one very wrong.

Nov. 26 (Thanksgiving) vs. New York Jets: New Jets coach Todd Bowles knows how to deal with the short week having been a Cowboys assistant under Bill Parcells and Wade Phillips. He will have his Darrelle Revis-led defense ready to go.

Eagles Solid Pick For Opener & Finale As Staff Writers Predict Schedule Highlights | Dallas Cowboys

You have to give the guys at the mothership credit. They predicted the opener, the Thanksgiving game, and the finale. And out of the twelve predictions they gave, one was actually right. Nick Eatman gets the props.

If CBS gets another NFC-NFC matchup on Thanksgiving, I'll take the Panthers playing here.

Top 15 games of 2015: Must-see matchups in the coming season -

It should come as no surprise that your Dallas Cowboys make this list in four spots. Including this one.

1) New England Patriots at Dallas Cowboys

Week 5: Sunday, Oct. 11, 4:25 p.m. ET, CBS

This is the most attractive game on the 2015 schedule. Consider ...

1) The Patriots and Cowboys are easily the two most hated teams in the NFL. And this kind of hatred = ratings.
2) This figures to be a very tough road test for the defending champions.
3) Tom Brady is the best quarterback of his generation, while Tony Romo led the league last season with a 113.2 passer rating and a mark of 8.5 yards per attempt.
4) New England will not face Seattle or Green Bay in the regular season. Strictly going off last season, Dallas is the strongest opponent on the defending champs' schedule.
5) Many analysts felt that, had Dez Bryant's catch against the Packers in the divisional round stood, thus helping the Cowboys advance to the NFC title game, Dallas' offensive line would have been too much for the Seahawks. Meaning Super Bowl XLIX could've been New England vs. Dallas.

Tell me people won't be psyched about this. Considering it's such a rare matchup, what with the current scheduling formula, which has AFC divisions facing NFC divisions once every four years, this was an easy call as the top contest of 2015.

Of course, the big schedule news is that the New York Giants come to the Death Star to open the season. When Greg Hardy is all but guaranteed to be on suspension. And with their second game against Dallas in week 7, they have an outside chance of missing him entirely.

John Mara. Just sayin'.

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