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The Greg Hardy Files: The Cowboys Free Agent Signee Continues To Make News

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[Before you read the following post and head to the keyboard to write a comment, let me ask one favor. Let's not spend every article re-litigating Hardy's signing. People are all over the map on that, and almost every regular to this blog has expressed their view. Maybe we can just hide the soapboxes away, and take a more analytic approach. A blogger can dream...  - Dave]

So, things got a little testy today at Valley Ranch as the Dallas Cowboys closed out their first week of the 2015 offseason program. FOX Sports reported on a verbal altercation that had potential to get physical, depending on your source. Here was the initial report:

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy was involved in a verbal altercation with backup defensive lineman Davon Coleman at the team's facility on Friday and had to be separated by teammates, sources have told FOX Sports.

The dispute between Hardy and Coleman arose from Hardy's questioning Coleman's effort during conditioning drills, a source said.

Maybe it's too early for Hardy to start getting on younger players about effort. Just coming into the organization, I can see someone maybe taking offense. But this comment from Coleman was sure to produce sparks.

Again, without re-litigating the pros and cons and angles and beliefs about the Hardy signing, this is a minor problem for the Cowboys. That kind of thing can create disharmony among the team, if true. I say if true because it's possible the events weren't exactly as the source leads us to believe.

The Cowboys have dealt with something similar recently, when Joseph Randle made comments about Dez Bryant and Josh Brent. There is normal give-and-take among NFL players, and most of the time it means nothing. But occasionally it means more. The Cowboys vets need to stay on top of it.

Coleman's agent makes it seem like it's all being blow out of proportion.

"There was no physical altercation of any nature whatsoever," Loeffler said. "No physical contact, touching, nothing. Basically my understanding is that Davon and Greg Hardy finished a workout, had a discussion and there was nothing to step in to and nobody did because there was nothing going on except a discussion ... I think it's getting a little blown out of proportion."

Maybe that is the case. Let's hope, but the Cowboys locker room needs to be vigilant.

In other Hardy news, the NFLPA is considering filing a lawsuit on Hardy's behalf over his suspension, similar to what happened with Adrian Peterson.

Peterson’s victory arose from the league’s effort to apply the new personal conduct policy to behavior that occurred before the rule changed.  In Hardy’s case, the NFL has tried to avoid that argument by claiming Hardy’s suspension arises under the prior policy and procedure.

This is separate from Hardy's appeal of the 10-game suspension. That will be heard by Roger Goodell or someone he appoints.

Under Article 46 of the collective bargaining agreement, Goodell or a designee of his choosing will hear and decide the appeal. Before ruling, Goodell may name a panel that consists of independent experts to recommend a decision.

A league source said that "no decisions have been made yet on the appeals process for this matter."

It's going to be a long, bumpy ride on this one. Let's try to stay sane during the process.

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