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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Defense Remains Focus Of Cowboys Draft

Latest Cowboys headlines: Greg Hardy’s suspension won't change how the Cowboys approach the draft; Stephen Jones says moving up or moving down is a possibility in the draft; Hardy altercation "a little blown out of proportion."

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Stephen Jones: Defense is focus of Cowboys draft - Jon Machota, DMN
Will Greg Hardy’s suspension change how the Cowboys approach the draft?

"No," Jones said. "What we want to do is get the very best players we can get to improve this football team. Obviously defense is a focus. We’ve been up front saying as we move into the draft that defense is our focus. At the same time, we think we’ve made all the moves that we needed to in free agency to really solidify our football team. Hopefully the draft will serve as a tool to make us better and give us more depth and make us a more solid football team."

Stephen Jones says moving up or moving down is a possibility - Drew Davison, Star Telegram
Stephen Jones said the team is still in the process of finalizing their board and are at a wait-and-see spot with how the draft unfolds with the 27th overall pick.

"When you pick this late in the draft, it’s very difficult to project," Jones said. "You have to be willing to play option quarterback, if you will. Our goal at the end of the day is to be as efficient as we can with where we pick our players. That could mean moving -- moving up, moving down -- all those things are a possibility as we try to maximize the draft in terms of making us a better football team for 2015."

Greg Hardy suspension likely to be reduced - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Archer's Friday Twitter mailbag dealt exclusively with Greg Hardy questions, one of which was about how much Hardy's suspensioned could be reduced on appeal.

Based on precedent, I can see the suspension being reduced. Will it go from 10 games to four games? I would just be guessing. But we can look at the Adrian Peterson case. In court, the league was found to have applied the new personal conduct policy to Peterson despite his transgressions occurring under the former policy. The same argument can be made -- and likely will be made -- for Hardy.

In his letter to Hardy, commissioner Roger Goodell said the penalty handed out would be the same under the new or old policy. There will be many maneuverings that will take place before the final suspension is decided, but the Peterson case would seem to help Hardy.

NFL confirms what police stated 2 months ago; no video of Wal-Mart episode could be found | David Moore, DMN
Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio caused social media to hyperventilate in February when he told 105.3 The Fan that many in the media had known about a rumored video "for months" and "the Cowboys are afraid it will come out and have a Ray Rice-like type of an impact."

The police stated in February that there was no video, the slowpokes at the NFL took two months longer to come to the same conclusion, and Mike Florio has yet to be arrested.

Hardy in altercation with Coleman "a little blown out of proportion." - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Archer provides some additional perspective on the altercation via Coleman's agent, who told ESPN the players didn't need to be separated.

"There was no physical altercation of any nature whatsoever," Loeffler said. "No physical contact, touching, nothing. Basically my understanding is that Davon and Greg Hardy finished a workout, had a discussion and there was nothing to step in to and nobody did because there was nothing going on except a discussion ... I think it's getting a little blown out of proportion."

Cowboys Incident, Hardy Vs Coleman: ‘Volatile’ Vs ‘Goofy’ - Mike Fisher, CBS DFW
Fisher decribes Hardy as volatile and Coleman as goofy.

A source tells 105.3 The Fan that "it was an argument between two grown men during strength-and-conditioning … got salty … not uncommon.’’

The dispute between Hardy (a new veteran) and Coleman (coming off his rookie season) was a result of Hardy’s questioning Coleman’s work ethic — and indeed, as 105.3 The Fan reported in February, that same question is why the Cowboys hesitated to re-up Coleman for this season.

It’s also true that none of this is "uncommon,’’ though Hardy — suspended for 10 games for a violation of the NFL conduct policy (and involvement with a domestic-abuse case) — has a spotlight on him.

Tentative Dallas Cowboys' training camp plan - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Archer comes through with the exact training camp dates. Write this down.

The team is scheduled to report to Oxnard, California, for training camp on July 28. The first practice would be July 30. As of now the Cowboys are scheduled to remain in Oxnard through Aug. 28 before their third preseason game.


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