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NFL Draft 2015: Draft Day Rituals, What Are Yours?

Not to say that football fans are superstitious or anything, but some us us fall into the ritual of doing the same things over and over, year after year, as we get ready for a big event. It's not that we have a lucky jersey or anything, we just stay inside our comfort zone, right?

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The most impact making event of the offseason is right around the corner, and die-hard fans are ready for the big day. Since the final seconds wound off the clock in Green Bay, 99% of our focus has been directed toward pick number 27 and what the Dallas Cowboys will do with the selection. Over the last few months we have read every word of one draft profile after another with the devout attention that a religious scholar would apply to the Dead Sea Scrolls. Fans have hung on to or totally rejected the words of guys with names like Kiper, McShay, and company. Those who really want to be in the know have looked deeper, delving into articles penned by writers with names like Rabblerouser, One Cool Customer, and Michael Sisemore.

At this point we know about all that we will possibly know before the Cowboys go on the clock. We know, or at least we think we know, that there are 18 guys that our beloved Cowboys have an actual first-round grade on. There is a chance that if the draft unfolds in a certain way, or courtesy of a trade up, Dallas might secure the services of one of those individuals. That is where we the fans come in.

We are fans of the greatest game ever played, professional football. That game is governed not by rules alone, but by the graces of the football gods. It is our duty to secure their favor by engaging in traditional rituals that influence the football gods. Here at the Macelli household there are certain things that absolutely must happen for the team to find success.

Number one on that list is that Momma Macelli will most certainly be wearing her lucky jersey; the old school blue on white with the #12 proudly on display. It only comes out for special occasions. Properly attired, the preparations will begin. Multiple TVs will be tuned in to provide the most coverage possible. NFL Network...check, ESPN....check, you get the picture. Of course the laptop will be on Blogging The Boys, Twitter, and multiple draft sites. The cell phone will likely be on Twitter too, ready to share my reactions with the world.

Fully prepared, it will be time to eat. On Draft Day that is the realm of Pappa Mikey. The husband will be manning the grill but I will just nibble. It is hard to eat when you are a bundle of nerves. The kids (and the critters) wonder why mom gets so worked up over this, but true blue fans understand. This evening will impact the team for years to come. It is a very big deal. That is why I have my ritual all lined out. As fans, our rituals can make or break the team, we all know that, right?

Now fellow members of the BTB Community, my question to you is what are your Draft Day rituals? How do you honor the biggest and most important day of the off season?

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