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Dallas Cowboys Draft 2015: Five Fifth-Round Options For The Cowboys

To end our series of the Cowboys' slotted picks, we take a look at some of the players to keep an eye on in the 5th round.

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The wait is almost over and draft day is finally here, as we await its start, we take a look at some of the options in the fifth round that could be a good fit for the Cowboys. Who are the best options for the Cowboys at pick 163?

1. Select Leterrius Walton, DT,  Central Michigan

The Dallas Cowboys need to find depth at tackle, if they don't select one early, there are still good players available in the later rounds. Walton is a quick-twitch penetrating type tackle with great hands and balance. He's a former offensive lineman and basketball player which has helped him with an array of pass rushing capabilities. He's got some burst to him and strength and is a very disciplined player. He's a versatile type that has some scouts thinking he could be a player nobody sees coming. He'll need some work honing his skills and converting his speed and power. Walton will also need more work with technique and developing his skill-set but can be a late-round find with tremendous upside.

2.Select Xavier Williams, DT, Northern Iowa

Back-to-back defensive tackles that could step in and help the Cowboys. Marinelli has shown that he prefers all of his "rushmen" to be able to get up the field. This offseason will show that they're willing to throw numbers at the problem and see which one sticks. After releasing Amobi Okoye, Xavier Williams can be more than just another hopeful. He's only 6' 2" but weighs over 320 pounds, with that said he can get up the field and take on doubles. I love his can-do relentless attitude to self-motivate himself on every play. Brugler and Rang say that Williams' has that "killer-instinct to continuously pursue and finish the ball-carrier." I think he fits the mold of a Marinelli guy wholeheartedly who gets the dirty work done. Williams looks to be a productive and possible outstanding value pick for Dallas.

3. Select Cedric Reed, DE, Texas

Reed will be around due to his injury history but that doesn't take away from the fact that he's still a good option for the Cowboys rotation. Reed fits the mold as a big and powerful defensive end and has some violent tendencies. He's got power and strength in his hands which allows him to bully around offensive linemen. He's another very high intensity and high motor type of player. Reed is a smart player with good awareness. The Cowboys need to shake up their defensive front that ranked 28th in pass rush last season. Cedric Reed could be a viable option that has the ability to become something more with the right push and coaching.

4. Select Damian Wilson, ILB, Minnesota

One of Broaddus' pet cats for sure here, Wilson plays with impeccable instincts and good speed. He's got great smarts for the game and can diagnose plays with the best of them. Like many players worthy of Marinelli's genius, Wilson plays with a chip and has a relentless effort. Wilson is durable and rarely comes off the field, for a team that can use some depth and competition at linebacker, Wilson would be a great addition. He's tough both mentally and physically and is an above-average tackler in this draft. He's a finisher, something you can never have enough of.

5. Select Chaz Green, OT, Florida

Green is another prospect that is garnering attention late in the process. He's a consistent effort type of player with a nice frame and good footwork. He also has some power to his punch and is able to stay balanced. The Cowboys have a need to find a swing tackle or an eventual replacement to Doug Free, Green is more than capable of filling that role. Green is a patient player with the awareness to pick up extra rushers when needed. He's got a high football IQ and would be an asset for any offense in the later rounds. He does have some injury concerns, but it's hard to overlook his production.

These are just a few options that will be available around the Cowboys' pick. If you notice I went heavy on defense, it was intentional. I believe that this draft is shaking up as a defensively loaded one much like 2005. The Cowboys have high aspirations for 2015, grabbing defensive depth is a must for Dallas this weekend. They retained the great Marinelli, time to load him up with a full-arsenal.

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