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Cowboys 2015 Draft: Dallas Interested In A Trade For Michael Brockers?

Latest rumor about the Cowboys and the draft.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Draft rumors are just that, rumors. Every once in a while they do turn out to be true, but most of the time its just chatter. Will that be the case for the rumor that the Cowboys are interested in making a deal for the St. Louis Rams defensive tackle Michael Brockers? I'm not even sure the Cowboys are really trying to make a deal, but Tony Pauline tweeted about it, and Scott Bischoff also noted it.

If this turned out to be true, it would mean that the guy the Rams picked when they traded with Dallas so the Cowboys could take Morris Claiborne, could also end up in Dallas. But, the Rams COO says it's not happening.

Of course, NFL execs say this stuff all the time and then it happens. So take it for what it's worth - a rumor on the day of the draft.

The Rams recently exercised the fifth-year option on Brockers, something Dallas is going to decline to do on Claiborne.

Brockers was drafted No. 14 overall in 2012 -- and would have gone off the board at No. 6 had the Rams not traded down.

The former LSU star will earn over $5 million in 2016 after signing a four-year, $9.52 million contract as a rookie.

Although Brockers hasn't made an impact as a pass rusher, he's the run-stuffing specialist on the NFL's best defensive line. Now that Nick Fairley has joined the rotation, Brockers will likely be limited to early downs and obvious running plays.

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