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What Constitutes Success For The 2015 Dallas Cowboys?

After a season like 2014, have expectations changed?

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Yesterday, there was a widely-circulated story about Tony Romo and winning the Super BowlTom Ryle covered it in our morning news compendium. The story basically is that Duke fan Romo and Duke basketball star Jahlil Okafor took a selfie together over a year ago and had a caption that read - "Selfie with Tony Romo last night at the Duke game. Said he's a part of the Duke fam too. Our deal is for me to win a national championship next year and for him to win the Super Bowl. #Duke #Cowboys #ItsJustDifferent". Okafor just took care of his end of the bargain on Monday night, now it's up to Romo.

This got me thinking - just what would constitute a successful season for the 2015 Cowboys? Certainly the 2014 season has changed expectations. Recall heading into the 2014 season, the Cowboys were not anyone's darlings as predictions of doom-and-gloom abounded everywhere. The record-setting bad defense of 2013 would only be worse without Sean Lee, Jason Hatcher and especially DeMarcus Ware. Jason Garrett was a lame-duck coach who wouldn't command respect from his charges. On and on it went with the Cowboys supposedly going 6-10 or the like.

And that was coming on top of three consecutive 8-8 seasons where the Cowboys lost the final game of the season to lose a playoff spot. Basically, for the last few years including heading into last season, just making the playoffs constituted a very successful Cowboys' season. My suspicion is that will no longer fly.

With the Cowboys winning the NFC East, then winning their first-round playoff game, followed by almost winning the divisional round in Green Bay, the stakes have been raised. Can they just take one step further and make the NFC Championship game and call that success? Or have we reached the point where the Cowboys must win the Super Bowl to have a "successful season"?

Take our poll and sound off in the comments on what it will take for the Cowboys 2015 season to be called a success.

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