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Everson Walls Speaks Out About Ring Of Honor 'Snub"

The outspoken former Dallas cornerback feels that he has been overlooked for the Ring of Honor due to spending only one year of his career under the Jones administration.

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Recently I penned an article stating a case for Darren Woodson to become the next member of the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor. Woody would be an easy selection to make, His career statistics, his long-term service to the squad, and the void his loss left on the team all speak volumes about his worth to the franchise. Few if any would argue against his inclusion among the immortals who wore the star.

Now another former Cowboys player has weighed in with his opinion on which former Dallas great deserves to take a place alongside players like Bob Lilly, Roger Staubach, and the other legends of the team. Everson Walls has never been shy about speaking his mind, and recently he spoke out about a player who he feels has been overlooked as a candidate for enshrinement.

"Jerry [Jones, Cowboys owner] has a new regime with their arena and their team. I have an understanding they take care of their own. We all wore the star, but the line between the new and old is pretty clear. I wouldn't be surprised if I was left off it for some time. I can make a case, but I shouldn't have to make a case. The numbers speak for themselves. I carried myself in a manner that fans should be proud of. I shouldn't have to wait for it or argue for it." - Everson Walls

Regardless of how you feel about his self-promotion or his statement that there is a bias against players from before the Jones family took over the Cowboys, Everson is correct in his assessment that his numbers do speak for themselves. Four times during his Cowboys career Walls represented the team in Hawaii as a Pro Bowl player. He was also a first team All Pro in 1983 and was twice a second-teamer. Everson and Ed Reed are the only two players to lead the NFL in interceptions three times.

Walls is a local boy who made good. He grew up just a few miles from the team's practice facilities and after he went undrafted in 1981, he accepted an invitation to join the hometown team that he had grown up watching. Over the next eight seasons he repaid the team for taking a risk on him by recording 44 interceptions. This ranks Everson second on the team's all time list.

Walls was known as one of the most feared cornerbacks of his day. He was also known for his ongoing disputes with the Dallas front office. He never hesitated to stand up for Everson Walls, and the fact that he is putting himself out there as a Ring of Honor candidate is not surprising to me. He believes in himself, and he feels that he has been overlooked for an honor that he feels is overdue. To Everson, being in the Ring is the one remaining thing that he hopes to accomplish in life.

"My main goal in life, my bucket list, is to be extremely proud to be put into the Cowboys Ring of Honor. Realistically, it would give me just as much pride as the Hall of Fame."

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