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Cowboys 2015 Draft: Will Dallas Double Down At Corner?

Dallas took steps to resolve one pressing need by selecting Byron Jones on Thursday night, but could they consider a second cornerback selection in this year's draft?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The struggles that the Dallas Cowboys have faced in the secondary have been well documented, and it is pretty safe to say that the two Rob Ryan era acquisitions, Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne, have proven to be anything but the answer. It does not take a soothsayer to read the tea leaves to figure out that the team could be banking on a corner tandem of veteran Orlando Scandrick and rookie Byron Jones as the short-term solution. Should the Cowboys decide to part company with Carr and perhaps try to convert Claiborne into a safety, there would still be a gap in the secondary. Who would step in and become the team's number three corner?

With the slot corner essentially being a "starter" role in today's NFL, it stands to reason that the Cowboys would invest some serious capital in finding a player who could fill that role in the not too distant future. This player would likely not be a key contributor on defense in 2015, but a guy who would fill a role on special teams this year and also gain some valuable experience.  In short, the player for this role would be one who could be found somewhere in the middle of the draft.

One player who could find himself fitting into this role would be former USC Trojan cornerback Josh Shaw. My colleague, Rabblerousr recently took a look at what Shaw could bring to the club. He is a guy who could not only use the chance to shake off some rust and become the eventual third corner, he is also someone who could help Dallas keep from being married to Scandrick later on in his career. P. J. Williams out of Florida State and Jalen Collins of LSU are two other prominent names from among the Cowboys national invitees who would also fit the bill and who would likely be on the fast track to major roles with Dallas.

Of course there are many holes the Cowboys must fill, and they may choose to wait until later to invest in a second cornerback this draft. There are some interesting prospects that will be available then as well.  One player I have kept a close eye on over the off season is Oregon State's Steven Nelson. He is not the guy who will blow you away with his athleticism the way Byon Jones does, and he lacks some of the polish of the top-tier corners. What he brings to the table is a blue-collar work ethic and the ability to put himself in position to make some plays. With proper coaching, Nelson has the ability to be one of those guys who makes up the meat and potatoes portion of the roster. He will not be the guy who goes to Pro Bowls but he could very well be the guy who helps a team win Super Bowls.

With more than one need in the Dallas secondary, I for one would not be surprised to see the Cowboys pay a second visit to the same watering hole. The return visit would not be to find a second immediate impact player, but an attempt to keep building the middle to lower tier of the roster. There is still good value left at cornerback, and Dallas has an opportunity to cash in.

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