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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Dez Bryant "Will Be Ready To Rock And Roll"

Latest Cowboys headlines: Cowboys draft gets an A-plus grade; Scott Linehan is not worried about Dez Bryant; Tony Romo plans on playing for many more years.

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Scott Linehan: Dez Bryant, ‘will be ready to rock and roll’ | Jon Machota, DMN
Linehan feels Bryant's absence gives the other wide receivers a chance to get more quality reps, and that because the Cowboys aren't making a lot of changes to their offense, Bryant should be fine whenever he finally rejoins the team.

"It won’t be anything we have to have a long drawn out conversation about," Linehan said. "I’m not worried about Dez, he’ll be ready to rock and roll when it’s all said and done, I’m sure of that."

Sturm: Here’s how I see Randy Gregory fitting in on Cowboys defensive line | Dallas Morning News
Sturm likes what Gregory offers in a Marinelli defense, but it's early days.

I think he projects as a RDE and a nickel edge rusher on either side. When Hardy joins the team, you can see a situation where it might be Lawrence-Crawford-Hardy-Gregory as a front 4 and that has a chance to finally run the Marinelli defense like it was designed to do – get there with 4, defend with 7 in the secondary. It looks great on paper.

Cowboys DE Randy Gregory asks and answers question as to why he was unable to make it through practice | David Moore, DMN
Gregory offered to ask the first question at his impromptu news conference in the locker room.

"It looks like you had a hard time finishing practice yesterday, right,’’ Gregory asked himself.

"Oh yeah, I did,’’ he responded. "A little bit dehydrated. The sun got to me."

"That’s it. Allright, anything else?’’

Gregory targets 250 pound playing weight | Rob Phillips,
After showing up at the Combine at a svelte 238, questions were were raised about Gregory's fit as a 4-3 defensive end. But 238 is probably not going to be his playing weight.

In addition to adjusting to the heat, Gregory said he’s hoping to increase his playing weight this offseason. During draft weekend, he said he was at about 240 pounds but wants to maintain weight in the 250s where he felt he was "in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life."

Cowboys have 5 undrafted rookies bidding to replace Harris | Charean Williams - Star Telegram
Antwan Goodley, George Farmer, Lucky Whitehead, Deontay Greenberry, and Nick Harwell are among the among the candidates at returner/receiver.

Farmer has some experience as a punt and kickoff returner, and Goodley returned 45 kickoffs for 1,037 yards in his first two seasons in Waco. But another college free agent excelled at both, which might give him a leg up on the competition to start. Lucky Whitehead made 20 punt returns for 312 yards and a touchdown in two seasons at Florida Atlantic. He returned 23 kicks for 551 yards (24.0).

Romo: Jerry is building for the long term, and I’ll be part of it | ProFootballTalk
Romo believes the Cowboys have built a team that will be competitive for years to come, and he has every expectation of being part of that.

"I just think the way Jason and Stephen and Jerry have built this team over the last three or four years has been from the inside out and you’re seeing the benefits of that," Romo said. "We’re still going. This wasn’t a one-year, two — we’re building this for the next five, six, seven years to sustain and any time you get an opportunity to get a guy like Collins you should take advantage of that."

Tony Romo still tinkering with his mechanics to help his back | Brandon George, DMN
Romo works on his mechanics every offseason. This year the focus seems to be on reducing the stress on his back.

As is almost always the case for Romo during the offseason, he’s also tinkering with his mechanics. This time, Romo is making an adjustment that could help him prevent another back injury to put him in better position to extend his career.

"He always tweaks things a little bit," Wilson said. "He’s getting a bit more open with his back so he doesn’t have to torque his back as much."

Cowboys rookies could be fined up to $11,000 if they lose their iPad playbooks | Dallas Morning News
Byron Jones explains how the fine system works, and UDFA George Farmer has a plan for how to avoid those fines.

"Well, we got these nice iPads," the defensive back out of UConn explained. "Along with the nice iPads you get a little notice that says if you lose this iPad, your maximum fine is $11,000. That’s a good welcome [moment]. If it’s not charged it’s $2,100. If you leave it in your car it $2,100."

"I’m not losing mine," Farmer said. "I was pretty responsible with mine in college. I don’t have the money to be paying if I lose that iPad. I’m going to take great care of mine."

Moore: How did Cowboys enter rookie minicamp with three first-round talents? Even Jerry Jones is surprised | Dallas Morning News
Hard to think of a draft where the Cowboys got more first-round talent than in 2015. "No, not where we got the three," Jones said.

"We got [DeMarcus] Ware, we got [Marcus] Spears in 2005. But we’ve never had one where we had this many that were rated this high on the board."

No joke: The Cowboys’ draft gets an A-plus | Randy Galloway, Star telegram
Galloway gives himself a pat on the back for giving the Cowboys an A-plus draft grade - even before they signed La'el Collins.

Based on observing 20 or so "grades," nationally and locally, it appears the Cowboys fell into the B-minus, C-plus category. Not great, but not bad. And again, not necessarily accurate.

I gave the Cowboys an A-plus. When it came to approach and direction in this draft, the Cowboys nailed it. My A-plus was about approach and direction.

But with my A-plus grade for the draft, how was I to know the kicker was yet to come. So reaching way back there, and giving myself a manly pat on the back, I hereby declare that my A-plus draft grade now officially trumps all draft grades of the football Einsteins, including, yes, you, Mel Kiper. Mel, a longtime friend, gave the Cows a C-plus, pre-Collins.

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