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Cowboys News: Dodging Brady? Romo Healthy. And That O Line.

That hammer the NFL dropped on the Patriots may help Dallas. And maybe the stuff about the bad feelings between Dez Bryant and the Cowboys is being overstated a bit.

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Will he play the Cowboys this year or not?
Will he play the Cowboys this year or not?
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Breaking News: Tom Brady Suspended 4 Games, Will Miss Week 5 In Dallas - Blogging The Boys

It's was the biggest story in the NFL for the day, and certainly was directly linked to the Cowboys.

What does this all mean for the Cowboys? Well that means this newly transformed defense will be preparing for Jimmy Garoppolo instead of the lanky kid from Michigan. I think Rod Marinelli may be doing backflips in his office at this point.

Agent: Tom Brady To Appeal ‘Ridiculous’ Four-Game DeflateGate Suspension | New England Patriots |

Or maybe not.  Brady's agent, who is of course completely unbiased, had some mild objections to the suspension that is being appealed.

The discipline is ridiculous and has no legitimate basis. In my opinion, this outcome was pre-determined; there was no fairness in the Wells investigation whatsoever.

I just wish he'd come right out and tell us what he really thinks.

Cowboys' Dez Bryant would 'love' to play with 'monster' Adrian Peterson | Dallas Morning News

Along with time answering pointless questions about some running back, Dez Bryant also offered his opinion on the Patriots mess. I'm sure his attitude is not at all colored by the fact that the league still does not acknowledge that HE CAUGHT THE BALL.

Bryant also said of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Deflategate: "Let bygones be bygones. It really don't matter. Those boys won fair and square I don't think it made a difference."

Sturm’s Mailbag: Why didn’t the Cowboys take a running back? | | Dallas Morning News

Speaking of running backs, Bob Sturm gives a really clear and very rational explanation of the circumstances that led to Dallas not coming out of the draft with one.

I take exception to anyone who suggests this team is happy with its RB situation.  They certainly are not.  That is different from saying they aren't intrigued by their current stable, because they all have invested plenty of time and effort into Joseph Randle, Lance Dunbar, and Ryan Williams.  They also chose to bring in Darren McFadden to help the cause.  If worse comes to worse, they will proceed with what they have and keep a brave face while saying all of the right things.  But, I will submit that this is a far cry from the bold claim that they are "fine with their RB situation", because trust me, they are not based on the people I visit with on the inside.

The draft has many purposes and to suggest that they should have abandoned the top goal when better options were available is not sensible and it is what losing teams do.  The silliest example ever is when Mike Ditka had to have Ricky Williams and gave the entire Saints draft away to do so.  A wise front office - and the Cowboys seem to have a wiser one than at anytime in their recent past - would never go into a draft with a concrete objective at the expense of all else.

Frank Pollack: Cowboys o-line is special; ‘it’s an honor and a privilege’ to coach them | | Dallas Morning News

Of course, there is one reason why the Cowboy do have some hope they can succeed with the stable of backs they already have. Or maybe I should say five.

The most significant change on offense in 2015 is that DeMarco Murray is no longer running the football. At this point, a running back by committee approach seems likely.

Although it's an adjustment for Linehan and the offense, Pollack says it changes nothing for the offensive line.

"We don't look back there to see who is running the ball and say, ‘OK, we got to block it differently,'" Pollack said. "We're doing our thing and they're doing theirs within the scheme, we're all within the scheme together and going to work. It doesn't matter any to us."

How Cowboys remade once-wobbly offensive line into ‘best ever’ | The Star Telegram The Star Telegram

It is a story we have all become rather familiar with. And even though there was a clear plan, it also never hurts to get a little lucky.

Garrett said none of it happened by accident. It was a very deliberate commitment to improve the offensive line.

But he acknowledges the Cowboys were also the beneficiaries of some good fortune, especially as it relates to Martin and Collins.

OT Green Not Concerned With Collins Addition; Willing To Play Other Position | Dallas Cowboys

We all have some questions about the selection of Chaz Green in the third round. And it would be reasonable to think he might be concerned about the acquisition of first round quality UDFA La'el Collins. But he is taking it in stride, and showing that, temperamentally at least, he does fit the Cowboys.

"I really wasn't worried about it at all," Green said. "I need to come in here and show what I can do. It doesn't matter about anyone else. I knew when I got drafted that I have to come in and work hard and try to compete for a job. That doesn't change."

Dez + Romo To La'el: 'Jerry Has Your Back' - Dallas - Scout

The media keeps trying to make a huge deal out of the perceived discord between the team and their star wide receiver over the still ongoing contract negotiations, but some things just don't add up about that picture. Like what he told La'el Collins.

"When we were in (Jerry's) office,'' agent Deryk Gilmore tells SiriusXM, "Dez Bryant called La'el and said, 'This man (Jones) is going to have your back.'" 

That would seem a highly unusual stance for someone to take while entangled in negotiations away from the one-year franchise tag (worth $12.823 million) and a hoped-for "Cowboys-For-Life'' contract, with all the baloney that can come in this offseason of change for Dez. But it speaks to Bryant's position that he supports this franchise, this team, these teammates.

Even on pitch count, Tony Romo benefitting from work - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN

Remember, last year the Cowboys won the NFC East after Tony Romo was unable to practice before training camp, and was limited then. Don't discount how much this means for this season.

It's "as healthy as he's been probably since before his first surgery he had on his back," (Scott) Linehan said. "I think it's different for him. It's different for us being from the get-go to be involved in what we decide he's going to be involved in in practice, and all that stuff is huge for us because we didn't have that. He basically went through the walkthroughs and he stood and was really a tuned-in spectator to what we were doing.

Dallas Cowboys backup QB Brandon Weeden showing signs of improvement in offseason | | Dallas Morning News

That's nice. But we are mostly interested in those clipboard skills.

(Wade) Wilson said he still has confidence in Weeden as the Cowboys' backup quarterback.

"It's good for him to get back out in the offseason and he's shown improvement, too, because it's his second time through," Wilson said.

Wilson said Weeden has improved in several areas this offseason.

Nick Hayden Recounts His Time In Carolina With New DE Greg Hardy | Dallas Cowboys

Nick Hayden and Greg Hardy were together for a season with the Carolina Panthers. That's right, this is not the first time the Kraken and the Golden Cock will be teammates.

"The greatest thing I remember from Greg - the craziest thing I've seen, he was about 290, and he was a gunner on punt team," Hayden said. "They put him out there as a gunner when I was in Carolina with him. He ran down there, beat the guy and made the tackle, and I'm like ‘Wow.' You don't see many 290 guys play gunner, run down and beat guys on punts. It was really impressive."

He added: "That's what he's going to bring to the team - his heart, his effort and his ability to pass rush."

Scout’s Eye: Rookie Minicamp Workout Players Who Caught My Eye | Dallas Cowboys

No quotes from this one, just wanted to provide it as a service to those of you still shopping for a pet cat. Whatever that is. Since I can never have one. (Ah, Danny Coale, I still grieve because of what I did to you.)

Instagram account of University of Pennsylvania runner showed only part of story

This has nothing to do with the Cowboys. It is just something that is worth your time to read, and to think about.

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