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Dallas Cowboys News And Notes: Romo Feeling Better Than He Has In Years

All the news that's fit to link. Today's top storylines: Romo's getting younger!; the running back situation continues to get lotsa ink; Mr. Collins is in the house; new deal for Scandrick?; Hardy excites Jones; Sturm on Damien Wilson; way-too early roster looks

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The vast majority of today's news links come from the Cowboys' sponsored golf tournament, where media members were able to corral both Joneses as well as several players. Here's what they came up with:

Limited The Last 2 Offseasons, Romo Feels Like He’s "Getting Younger" - Rob Phillips, The Mothership

The ability to participate in an offseason for the first time in three years has both Tony Romo and Scott Linehan excited. Here's Number Nine:

"It’s been just about rehab and maintaining. When you’re doing that, it’s what you have to do when you come back from surgery. But you don’t really strengthen. If anything, you’re just trying to find a way to manage it and be at your best at specific times of the year. "I’m really able to push it a little bit right now, which has been exciting with the legs, the upper body and some of the stuff I haven’t been able to do for two, two and a half, three years."

I'm not entirely sure why, but this headline reminds me of this classic moment from Airplane!:


The Cowboys running back situation: the Rasputin of memes...

Despite loss of DeMarco Murray, Jerry Jones says Cowboys run game is better - Jon Machota, DMN

Jones, Sr. says the Cowboys running game is already better than it was a year ago:

"We’re better," the Cowboys owner and general manager repeated Wednesday at the team’s annual golf outing. "Murray certainly is in that thought, but what we’ve got a chance to do with our depth, what we’ve got a chance to do with the talent, the competition that we have, and I’m assuming that we can protect [Tony] Romo, which standing here last year, the concerns about his surgeries were more so than today."

With RB Roles Undecided, Ryan Williams Seeks Opportunity To Showcase Skills - Rob Phillips, The Mothership

Ryan Williams isn’t sure exactly how the Cowboys’ running back rotation will shake out, Phillips writes, but sure appreciates the opportunity:

"I think everybody will have a great chance to show what they can do, and it’ll go from there," Williams said Wednesday at the team’s Annual Sponsor Appreciation Golf Classic. "I never had a chance to run behind that O-Line last year, so hopefully I get an opportunity this year and I think that’ll help my chances showing everybody what I’m really capable of doing."

Gosselin: What you see is what you get with Cowboys running back situation - Rick Gosselin, DMN

The Goose hosted a chat recently; here's what he said when asked about how the carries might be divided amongst the current backs on the roster:

Gosselin: The Cowboys had 508 rushes last season. If McFadden can get 240, Randle 190 and Dunbar 75, that's 505 carries. It's the commitment to run the ball that matters, not necessarily the yards. The Cowboys will not have a back compete for the NFL rushing title this season and the Cowboys seem to be OK with that.


La’el Collins Back With Cowboys, Working Into Offseason Program - David Helman, The Mothership

Because of the NFL's wait-to-practice rule, La'el Collins wasn’t allowed to participate in last weekend’s rookie minicamp. But on Monday, he returned to Valley Ranch and is working in the team’s offseason program. His head coach comments:

"Everybody’s kind of in the same boat," Garrett said. "It would have been nice to have him out there for that, but he’s getting integrated into our program real quickly and has done a good job the last couple of days."


Cowboys hopeful of deal with Orlando Scandrick - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas

After meeting with Orlando Scandrick, the Cowboys would like to get a reworked contract done with the team's top corner, according to Jones the Elder:

"We would like to get something satisfactorily worked out with him," owner and general manager Jerry Jones said at the team’s sponsorship golf tournament. " … Hopefully we can get something worked out that can be in the best interest of the Cowboys and also accommodate what he needs to do. We didn’t get anything done, but we certainly are talking about it."

Stephen Jones’ ‘good visit’ with Cowboys’ Orlando Scandrick includes a contract reminder - David Moore, DMN

Stephen Jones agreed that the visit with Scandrick was positive, but stressed the cornerback is under contract and should be working out with his teammates. Jerry agrees:

"Of course we strand strong about what a good player he is, how much we need him, how much he helps us and we would like to get something satisfactorily worked out with him,’’ the owner said. "The last time when he asked for the agreement he’s got now he came in and asked to look at the agreement and make a change and we did, so we’re talking about the one we changed for him last time."


Jerry Jones excited about ‘zest’ of Greg Hardy; ‘He’s ready to go at all hours’ - Jon Machota, DMN

Jerry Jones was asked about Greg Hardy and responded thusly:

"Well I know this, he comes to work," Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said. "He was out here at 7 this morning teeing off. He fired me up. He’s ready to go at all hours. I’m excited about his zest. It’s contagious. "He helps everybody work harder and that’s what you want from a player from a leadership standpoint. He’s a leader."


What I liked, didn’t like about Cowboys’ 4th-round pick Damien Wilson - Bob Sturm, DMN

The Sturminator's review of the 2015 draft class continues. After watching the tape, here's his takeaway:

Summary: They want athletes and bodies with upside to add all over the roster. They clearly needed a LB and here is one who might actually project to the coveted "Will" LB spot rather than "Mike" as he played in college. The Will is kept clean and able just to seek and destroy his man as a "run and hit" LB. Wilson has some significant issues to work through, but the Cowboys are confident, given the success of the Anthony Hitchens 2014, that the coaches can get Wilson ready to roll in no time and perhaps reap the proceeds of his high upside. This league requires LBs who can run and he has that ability and also other athletic attributes (long arms, impressive explosion) that lead you to believe he has a a chance to be a real value late in the 4th round. In the meantime, they will count on him to be a key player on the punt and kick teams.

It will be interesting to see how he develops.


Cowboys Depth Chart + 54-Man Predictions - KD Drummond, Cowboys HQ

The Noble Drummond takes a look at how things might play out for the 90 players invited to spend the summer with the big club. One interesting note emerges:

The biggest omission for some people will be Darren McFadden not being listed. I cannot shake the feeling that he was "Joseph Randle arrest/suspension insurance" and will struggle to make the team. I'm in the minority here, and will eat crow accordingly.

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