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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Jason Witten Talks Tony Romo, Greg Hardy, Dez Bryant

It was Jason Witten Day yesterday, as he addressed a wide range of Cowboys topics from his youth football camp.

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Jason Witten: Romo and I can play 4-5 more seasons -
Witten was asked if he and 35-year-old quarterback Tony Romo have 4-5 more seasons together. The 33-year-old tight end said they can. "If we do it like last year we can," Witten responded, via the Dallas Morning News' Jon Machota.

Jason Witten on what it will take for Tony Romo to play 4-5 more years | Jon Machota, Dallas Morning News
Tony Romo recently said he bleives he has four or five more years left. Does that also apply to Witten?

"If we do it like last year we can," Witten said with a smile during his football ProCamp Sunday at Liberty Christian School. "But I mean, I try not to look that far ahead. I think you just go one year at a time. For him, he played as well as he’s ever played. I think the way he’s handled the back and the way he’s on top of his body, I think he can play as long as he wants to play."

"I think you’re after that ultimate goal of winning a championship at this point," Witten said. "It’s not about another 50 catches, so that’s what’s exciting. I feel like I have to have that approach because that’s the only way you can get to where you want to go, have that approach every day of a little bit of a chip on your shoulder.

"I think everybody in the building sees that and feeds off that."

Jason Witten on what makes Tony Romo elite | Drew Davison, Star Telegram
Witten thinks 2014 was Romo's best year yet.

"I thought the last 12 months have been remarkable. Not playing well [in the season opener against San Francisco] and just coming back and going 16, 17 weeks strong and having his best year yet ... he worked his tail off and then played at a high level. His standard and his expectation for what he wants to do and achieve is so much higher than what any of us thinks. He’s constantly changing things to give himself an opportunity to be at his best. I think that’s what makes him so elite, how he’s approached it and he doesn’t listen to any of that other stuff."


Jason Witten: I’m embracing Greg Hardy as a teammate | Jon Machota, Dallas Morning News
Witten addressed a number of topics from his youth football camp, domestic violence being one of them. Witten is unwavering in his support against domestic violence, but is supporting Greg Hardy, who has been suspended for a domestic violence incident.

"I think everybody knows [my view on] domestic violence. That’s unwavering, " Witten said Sunday during one of his annual football ProCamps at Liberty Christian School. "That’s something that I lived, my family lived. But that guy is a teammate of mine, so I think you have to look at it from that standpoint of as Coach Garrett says, it’s our job to invite those guys in and then create a standard of how we do things. I think he’s done a great job since he’s been here."

"It’s not my job to decide who comes and who doesn’t," Witten said. "I’m a tight end. But I’ve been really pleased with how he’s approached it and how he goes to work and what kind of teammate he’s been. The day he got suspended, the next day he was in there working out, so I think that’s kind of the mentality he has, what kind of work ethic and what he’s trying to prove here in Dallas."

"The guy works his tail off," Witten said. "I think our job is to welcome him and show him the way we do things and embrace him as a teammate, and he’s done everything that you want. He’s a hard worker. Obviously he’s a talented player. I think he’s learned a lot from what he’s gone through in the last year."

Jason Witten: We miss ‘tone-setter’ Dez Bryant, but he’ll be ready | Jon Machota, Dallas Morning News
Witten addresses Bryant's absence from the offseason workouts.

"You’d love to have Dez there," Witten said Sunday during his football ProCamp at Liberty Christian School. "I think that would be great. Dez loves playing ball. He’s a great teammate. You miss him when he’s not out there, because of the passion and the energy that he brings. He’s a tone-setter. I think everybody understands the business side of that. If there’s one person who wants to be there playing catch and throwing and running and working out, it’s Dez."

"He’ll be there," Witten said. "He’s taking care of himself. He’s going to be ready. It’s just part of the business. Hopefully it gets worked out. But if there’s going to be one guy that’s ready, it’s going to be Dez Bryant."


Cowboys' Orlando Scandrick to join team's workouts -
Orlando Scandrick is set to join Dallas Cowboys teammates for voluntary workouts for the first time this offseason.

NFL Media's Albert Breer reported on Sunday that Scandrick will report to Valley Ranch on Monday, a sign of progress towards a new deal. ESPN's Todd Archer first reported the news.

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