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Dallas Cowboys Draft 2015: Best Remaining Players For Cowboys In Rounds 4-7

The Cowboys made a splash in the second round, followed by a third-round selection that has been under scrutiny. Now, Dallas enters the last day of the draft. Who will they be targeting, let's find out.

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The Dallas Cowboys have remained patient in this year's draft, and by doing so they've been able to answer big questions on their roster. Dallas' doubled up on defense in rounds 1-2 before further solidifying their already dominant offensive line in the third.

This team now moves on to try and plug more impact players into their depth chart. Dallas still needs help at running back, defensive tackle, linebacker and wide receiver. Let's look at the prospects still available.

Running Back

1. Jay Ajayi, Boise State

Just a few weeks ago Ajayi was one of the top prospects in this draft, but a knee issue has sent his stock plummeting. With that said, Ajayi has great initial burst and can seriously truck some guys. He has been high on their board for months now and they would be able to get great value in this pick. Ajayi comes with a very high football acumen and a history of good production. He's quick and explosive with a very NFL-ready and balanced skill-set. Ajayi is also an above-average pass catcher out of the backfield which is just another plus. He'll need work in pass protection but so does every other back that enters the NFL.

2. Jeremy Langford, Michigan State

Often the forgotten man in the Big 10, Langford is sneaky good. The Cowboys need a bell-cow, Jeremy Langford can fit that role in my opinion. Where most rookie backs struggle such as pass protection and the catching passes out of the backfield, Langford succeeds. Brugler describes him as a "workhorse, no-nonsense type of player." I'll take that any day of the week and especially in the fourth round. A great value pick for the Cowboys and a quality starter from day one.

3. David Cobb, Minnesota

His offensive line never did him any favors, so Cobb had to manufacture his own running lanes. Cobb has great build for the position and can do a little bit of everything.  He's got great bod thickness and is a willing pass blocker. Cobb also has some powerful legs that allow him to keep going and change directions without losing his speed. If the Cowboys are pressed for a back, Cobb would be a good fit.

Defensive Tackle

1. Grady Jarrett, Clemson

I've been pretty clear that Jarrett is my pet cat and this could be a match made in heaven. He's not as big as the others but his relentless spirit and motor is exactly what Marinelli looks for. His short, squatty frame give him leverage at his position and he plays low very well. Grady has shown that he's a very strong and fluid athlete. He also possesses the strength to knock blockers off their stance. He gets good extension and rarely misplaces his hands allowing him to free himself regularly to the quarterback. Grady lacks the ideal size but is so quick on his feet and has impressive start-stop motion. He's also got keen awareness and knows that due to his limitation he requires that great speed to win his battles.

2. Leterrius Walton, Central Michigan

Walton is a quick-twitch penetrating type tackle with great hands and balance. He's a former offensive lineman and basketball player which has helped him with an array of pass rushing capabilities. He's got some burst to him and strength and is a very disciplined player. He's a versatile type that has some scouts thinking he could be a player nobody sees coming. He'll need some work honing his skills and converting his speed and power. Walton will also need more work with technique and developing his skill-set but can be a late-round find with tremendous upside.

3. Xavier Williams, Northern Iowa

Xavier Williams can be more than just another hopeful. He's only 6' 2" but weighs over 320 pounds, with that said he can get up the field and take on doubles. I love his can-do relentless attitude to self-motivate himself on every play. Brugler and Rang say that Williams' has that "killer-instinct to continuously pursue and finish the ball-carrier." I think he fits the mold of a Marinelli guy wholeheartedly who gets the dirty work done. Williams looks to be a productive and possible outstanding value pick for Dallas.


1. Damian Wilson, Minnesota

One of Broaddus' pet cats for sure here, Wilson plays with impeccable instincts and good speed. He's got great smarts for the game and can diagnose plays with the best of them. Like many players worthy of Marinelli's genius, Wilson plays with a chip and has a relentless effort. Wilson is durable and rarely comes off the field, for a team that can use some depth and competition at linebacker, Wilson would be a great addition. He's tough both mentally and physically and is an above-average tackler in this draft. He's a finisher, something you can never have enough of.

2. Davis Tull, Chattanooga

He was a four-year starter with outstanding production. Like most Marinelli-type fits, Tull has a relentless spirit and impeccable motor. He also has the versatility to play many positions but would be an ideal fit at the Sam position in Dallas' 4-3. He has above average hand-eye coordination and has shown the ability to read quarterbacks. He's an opportunistic player with great instincts, something no team can have enough of.

3. Kwon Alexander, LSU

He's a quick-twitch athlete with the ability to play multiple linebacker positions. Alexander was very productive in college and has great speed. He's a chaser who rarely doesn't get his man. Alexander has very nice hands to pluck the ball out of the air and cause turnovers. He would be an immediate contributor on special teams and has above average tackling skills.

Wide Receiver

1. Justin Hardy, East Carolina

Not the speediest of receivers, but maybe one of the smartest players overall. He's a very decisive player that mainly dealt with punt-return duties in college. Hardy has the ability to make violent cuts and accelerate pretty quickly. He's also got steady hands and was the most productive receiver in FBS history with 387 catches for over 4,500 yards. He plays with a sense of urgency and is a really detailed-oriented hard-working athlete. He's a bit undersized and not necessarily a home run threat but he can sure block in the running game. He always seems to get open and has a large catching radius.

2. Kenny Bell, Nebraska

Bell is another return specialist with an average of 25 yards per try in college. Like Conley, he accelerates quickly and can be down the field in a flash. He's a very instinctive type of receiver who knows how to break at the right time to get open. He's an above average blocker who is really good at coverage on special teams. He can adjust to off-target throws in order to secure the catch. Like Conley too, Bell needs a bit more bulk to him. He can be a bit wiry at times and needs to settle down. Nonetheless he's quite strong for his size and has a great attitude.

3. Stefon Diggs, Maryland

Very balanced athlete with strong strides and home-run ability. Has sharp breaks and explodes of the line, quite dangerous in the open field. Especially good with crossing routes and has great feet. A proven return-man with an average of 25.8 yards, consistent production in college. A little skinny and lack ideal body size for the next level. Tends to get himself in trouble with indecisiveness. Needs help learning how to manipulate defenders but has got better with spatial movement. A bit of a hot-head and will need to learn to not lose his cool at times. A few durability concerns but is very loose athlete with violent, strong cuts.

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