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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Randy Gregory Is "A Franchise-Changing Defensive Player."

Latest Cowboys headlines: The Cowboys have a plan for Randy Gregory, both on and off the field; Cowboys continue investing draft pick capital in their O-line; Byron Jones at free safety?

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Sturm: It’s a steal! Cowboys got a player with the most upside in the draft | Dallas Morning News
Sturm believes the Cowboys got great value in Gregory - despite the issues surrounding Gregory.

I can’t imagine a team making a pick in this draft that has a better upside than getting Randy Gregory at No. 60. That is truly what the draft is all about – finding value at the right price. We don’t know if there will be a Tom Brady player in the sixth round, but assuming there isn’t, getting a guy like Gregory has real potential to pay off 10-fold if he is what he can be.

Entire Cowboys draft room wanted Randy Gregory; never considered taking him off their board - Jon Machota, DMN
According to Jerry Jones, everyone in the war room was 100 percent on board with picking Gregory.

"We had a great buy-in," Jones said Friday. "To be candid with you, this was somewhat of a discussion as he was coming at us [in the first round]. … Certainly this was something that everyone was well aware of, that we had an interest, that he was on our board. We never took him off our board, never a consideration. We were ready to roll."

The Film Room Ep 07: Randy Gregory Scouting Report vs Miami, Michigan State & Rutgers - Brett Kollman
Because Randy Gregory wasn't even considered to be on the Cowboys' radar until just a few days ago, not many fans are as familiar with him and his play as they are with other prospects. The Film Room video breakdown below by Brett Kollman of SB Nation's Battle Red Blog remedies that in 15 minutes. I strongly suggest you invest those 15 minutes to find out just what kind of player the Cowboys drafted yesterday. It'll be well worth your time.

"This is a franchise-changing defensive player. He can win you games. He can. Win. You. Games. He's got the physical attributes, the technical development, and the motor to be an All Pro every single season."

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett to Randy Gregory on post-selection call: ‘We’re going to get you right’ | Michael Florek, DMN
Florek offers up a transcript of Garrett’s phone call with Gregory immediately after the selection.

Randy Gregory: "How’s it going coach?"

Jason Garrett: "It’s going great. Congratulations."

RG: "I appreciate it coach. I’m going to make you proud. I promise. I promise."

JG: "I know you will. You ready to get to work?"

RG: "Let’s do it, man. I’m ready to win a championship. We have the tools."

JG: "We’re going to get you in here, we’re going to take it one day at a time, we’re going to get you right and you’re going to help our football team."

Randy Gregory to Rod Marinelli: I’m going to make you proud; ‘Be hard on me’ | Jon Machota - DMN
Machota explains that Rod Marinelli was "big time" when it came to drafting Gregory, and that appears to be something that clearly came across to Gregory.

"I was thinking the other day, I really felt like when I left [my visit], the best spot for me and the guy that’s going to really get me where I need to go to help me help this team out the best is you," Gregory told Marinelli on the phone after he was drafted. "I’m going to make you guys so proud, I promise you. I’m not going to let you down.

"Hey, be hard on me. Be as hard as you can on me."

George: How Cowboys will handle Randy Gregory's issues with drugs, mental health | Dallas Morning News
George writes that in addition to his positive drug tests, Gregory suffers from bipolar disorder. To help him, Gregory has agreed to have his own version of the "Dez-rules" put in place.

During Gregory’s pre-draft visit to Valley Ranch, he requested that the Cowboys put a structure in place for him that will help keep him out of trouble off the field, he said. The structure the Cowboys use to help Gregory, a source said, will be similar to how they assisted receiver Dez Bryant.

"It’s a lot of different things. I can’t really go into too much detail, but I definitely will be working with Jerry Jones and the rest of the staff," Gregory said. "It was something I mentioned and something I felt like I needed. It kind of worked out because they felt the same way about it."

2015 NFL draft: Randy Gregory wants Michael Irvin as mentor - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Michael Irvin is not one to hold his tongue when it comes to his opinions, as Gregory found out in Chicago. Here's his take on his meeting with Irvin.

What did Irvin say?

"Basically, that I need to stop the crap I’m doing, plain and simple," Gregory said on a conference call Friday night after being drafted by the Cowboys in the second round. "It was eye-opening because I didn’t really expect that. You’re just sitting there listening to him talk about how he grew up and how he played the game and how he left the game and he wants us to come into this game and leave this game better than we came into it with."

"He’s definitely a guy I’m going to talk to more and look forward more to as a mentor to me," Gregory said. "I’m glad he reached out to me, and I’m glad he approached me the way he did."


Mayock on Chaz Green: "He's a good football player" | Dallas Morning News
Mayocks's take on Green:

That’s an interesting pick…The more I watched D.J. Humphries, the more I got an appreciation for Chaz Green. He played a lot of right tackle, but he’s athletic enough to kick over to the left side if needed. He could probably even play inside, but I think, at best, he could be a swing tackle with a chance to start on the right side. That’s an interesting pick, a little earlier than people expected, but he’s a good football player.'

O-Line Addressed Again As Cowboys Take Florida OT Chaz Green At No. 91 | Nick Eatman,
The Cowboys continued investing draft pick capital in their O-line.

"It’s a dream come true I’m really grateful for this opportunity," Green said Friday night. "I can’t wait to get out there. This is the best offensive line last season. To be able to come in and get around those guys and that culture, it’s exciting. I can’t wait to get to work."

"I’m definitely a guy who can fit wherever you line me up. I can slide in and play guard," said Green, who I can’t wait to come in and learn behind Tyron Smith and Doug Free and those guys. They talked about me playing swing tackle."


Cowboys offensive line reacts to team’s first two picks, possibility of not drafting RB: ‘We have such a great stable of running backs already’ | Michael Florek, DMN
The Cowboys O-line doesn't seem to share the anxiety of many fans at the Cowboys passing on running backs in the draft so far.

"We have such a great stable of running backs already," Travis Frederick said at the Cowboys draft party before the team’s second round pick. "No matter what happens in the draft I have so much trust in Joe (Randle) and Darren (McFadden) and (Lance Dunbar) that whatever happens happens. There was talk about early on getting one and later on, it really doesn’t matter."

Cowlishaw: Why wild Cowboys rolled the dice on pair of defenders | Dallas Morning News
Cowlishaw writes that the Cowboys added two of the finest athletes available in the entire draft, and added an offensive player in the third round - but not a running back. That means running back has gone untouched just as Cowboys owner Jerry Jones indicated it could.

"We didn’t have it down as a ‘must’ drafting position," Jones said. "We’re drafting at positions and drafting players that are more important to us than running back."

The Cowboys have set their sights on upgrading a unit that finished 19th in total defense, 26th in pass defense and couldn’t get a hand on one-legged Aaron Rodgers with the season on the line.


Stephen Jones reiterates it ‘won’t be easy’ to sign Dez Bryant | Drew Davison, Star Telegram
The Cowboys are waiting for the dominoes to fall for the likes of Denver’s Demaryious Thomas, Cincinnati’s A.J. Green and Atlanta’s Julio Jones before agreeing to a long-term deal with Bryant.

"His deal, and the receiver deals, are not easy deals," Jones said. "You look around the league, there are a lot of young guys who are kind of looking into this right now."

Cowboys feel good about Claiborne, want Carr and Scandrick back | Clarence Hill, The Star Telegram
Hill argues that the Cowboy hope to play rookie top pick Byron Jones at safety rather than cornerback, but that hinges on Claiborne returning to health and to form.

"Mo can be a major contributor," vice president Stephen Jones said. "He’s a pretty good cornerback when he’s back in there. He’s on target to get back, that’s what I would say about that. Mo can be a major contributor. I would characterize Mo’s progress as really good … might be aggressive to say he’ll be out there Day 1 [of training camp], but he’s doing a hell of a job back."

No Charges In Cowboys’ Joseph Randle Case - CBS Dallas / Fort Worth
The City Attorney's office in Wichita has completed its review of the evidence and circumstances involved in the Joseph Randle case and will not bring charges against Randle.

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