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NFL Draft 2015: Discussing The Fourth Through The Seventh Rounds

The final day of the NFL draft

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It's been an exciting first couple of days for the Cowboys franchise. With three picks already in the bank, the Cowboys have four more selections to make on Saturday barring a trade.

New Thread.

The Cowboys have the following draft picks throughout the draft:

Cowboys draft picks for the 2015 draft:

Round 1, Pick 27 (27) -- CB Byron Jones
Round 2, Pick 28 (60) -- DE Randy Gregory
Round 3, Pick 27 (91) -- OT Chaz Green
Round 4, Pick 28 (127) -- LB Damien Wilson
Round 5, Pick 27 (163) --
Round 7, Pick 19 (236) (from Chargers) --
Round 7, Pick 26 (243) (from Ravens) --

Rounds 4-7 - Saturday, May 2nd

12:00 PM EST

5 minute time-limit between picks in round four through six.

4 minute time-limit between picks in round seven.

Cowboys pick at #127 (the 28th pick in the fourth round), at #163 (the 27th pick in the fifth round), at #236 (the 19th pick in the seventh round) and at #243 (the 26th pick in the seventh round).

So far the Cowboys have picked up cornerback Byron Jones in the first round, defensive end Randy Gregory in the second and tackle Chaz Green in the third. You can catch up with all of BTB's coverage of the Cowboys draft, here.

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