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Dallas Cowboys Draft 2015: Social Media Reaction Rounds 4-7

Defense was the name of the game, and CowboysNation found that out fairly early. Let's see how the world reacted...

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

We go through hours of tape, read countless reports, but let's be honest...We do not know what a team is going to actually do come draft day. It's especially a heck of a lot easier to determine whose going number one than number 27. Teams take the players that are best for them, which is exactly how I like to approach this exercise.

Today, the Dallas Cowboys decided to load up on their defense but some of us should have seen it coming anyway, it's not like Dallas is a team that hides anything. In fact, Jerry Jones stated last week what their priorities were, doesn't matter because they had to take a runner, right? No, wrong....Let's review!

Linebacker was a need and want, the Cowboys made it very clear. Wilson was number one on my list of linebacker candidates to look at today...*crickets...Here's a new toy to play with.

And perhaps my favorite...

We now shift focus to Dallas' fifth round selection...

Cowboys double up on the defensive ends and grab a very underrated player to help the rebuilding of their defensive line. Kind of reminds you of 2005. On the anniversary of his father's death, this young man gets the best news possible; he will don the star.

Not everyone always can agree

Yet, how can we have the gall to doubt what Rod can do without first allowing him the opportunity?

The Cowboys had their long wait before making their last selections, but those same doubters would be upset once again.

An uphill battle it will be, yet something tells me he's ready for it.

Dallas would further insure their already insanely dominant offensive line.

And then "that ol' Jerry couldn't contain himself!" Was that too sarcastic? Dallas struck a trade with the 49ers to come back up in the seventh to make their last pick...

Look, some folks are truly hot about the Cowboys not taking a single running back, but it's best to not explode over it. Nobody will truly know what the truth is until we let them play.

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