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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: How Hardy, Lawrence & Gregory Can Improve Corner Play

Latest Cowboys headlines: Cowboys pass rush drawing comparisons to mid-90s edition; Everybody can be an NFL analyst these days; Why Brandon Carr has leverage with Cowboys.

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Gosselin: What a dominating Cowboys defense depends upon | Dallas Morning News
In a recent chat, Gosselin argued that the Cowboys will need 40+ sacks this year to be a dominating defense, and here's who is going to go get those sacks.

I see Lawrence coming off the left edge and Gregory coming off the right edge — at least for the first 10 weeks while Hardy sits. When Hardy returns to the field, I see a three-player rotation with Hardy spelling both [Gregory] on the right side and Lawrence on the left. Gregory has to stay on the right side because of his lack of stature. But Hardy is big enough to play either side and Lawrence will have the experience on both sides to play wherever Marinelli asks him.

They give the Cowboys fresh legs in the pass rush — exactly what they had with Haley, Jeffcoat and Tony Tolbert when they were winning Super Bowls. There will be enough pass rush opportunities for all three of these players.

Gosselin: I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how well the Cowboys cornerbacks play | Dallas Morning News
Gosselin then went on to explain the knock-on effect of a pass rush that can consistently get to the QB.

If the Cowboys can generate a pass rush this season — and with Hardy, Gregory and a full season out of DeMarcus Lawrence, that's the expectation — I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how well the Cowboys cornerbacks play. The best pass coverage is a great pass rush. It's easier for defenders to stick with pass catchers for three seconds than it is for six and seven seconds as was the case in the playoff game last January against Green Bay. A stout pass rush makes the quarterbacks throw the ball quicker and that leads to mistakes.

If the Cowboys can get into the 40-sack range, I would expect the interception rate to climb as well. I think the Cowboys can compete with their three incumbent corners if the pass rush gives them a chance to compete. Adding Jones is a definite plus because he gives the Cowboys another big body along with Carr in the matchups with big receivers.


Moore: Pay cut? Why Brandon Carr has leverage with Cowboys | David Moore, Dallas Morning News
Moore writes that whatever unfolds from a contractual point of view, the Cowboys are a better defense with Carr than without him. This contractual drama can still play out over the coming weeks and months.

If Jones or Claiborne emerge to the point where either is considered an adequate replacement, the Cowboys could still cut Carr if he refuses to take a cut. But that would roll a charge of $7.4 million into next season. Another option would be to restructure his contract to lessen the cap hit for this season yet provide him with more guaranteed money.

Marinelli: Lee 'ball of energy, excitement' for Cowboys -
On the comeback from last year's season-ending knee injury, Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee has impressed defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli during team OTAs.

"He's a ball of energy and excitement and that represents who we are," Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli said, per The Dallas Morning News. "He's moving well. We're just being smart as we get him ready to go. But he's got a lot of good quality work in."

Michael Irvin spent much of his early Cowboys days crying | Dallas Morning News
Top college athletes don't have a lot of experience losing, and getting that experience in the NFL can be pretty humbling, Irvin explains.

"Dog, I was crying for real," Irvin said of his rookie season in 1988 when the Cowboys went 3-13. "I’m not talking about pouting, I’m talking about tears falling out of my eyes crying because I wasn’t used to it."

"And then we drafted Troy Aikman, and I just thought, ‘OK now I got who I need. I got it, I got a quarterback.’ And I cried 15 games the next year. We were 1-15 that year. I was like, ‘wow this is incredible.’ I went from losing maybe two games my whole college career to losing every game I played in the pros. So it was a hard, hard turn."

"And then we got Emmitt, and you could see that we were getting the nucleus of something and continuing to add pieces and making works. And it worked out well."

Maurice Jones-Drew: Cowboys DB Byron Jones was by far the worst first-round pick | Jon Machota, Dallas Morning News
One of the best things you can do when you're not cutting it as an NFL analyst is to try to get your name into the news with some click-generating headlines or comments - and preferably, those are about a team like the Cowboys that act as natural amplifiers for those comments. Some guy named Maurice Drew-Jones took that piece of advice to heart, and calls Byron Jones the worst pick in this draft "by far."

"I thought they could have done better. You could have gone pass rusher in that situation, you could have gone running back, you could have gone whatever it might have been. I thought the Cowboys were going to go running back regardless because of what DeMarco Murray did for Tony Romo last year, and their whole team."

Cowboys’ Mincey knows about ‘roaches in cereal bowl’ - Shreveport Times
Jeremy Mincey hosted his "No Ceiling" Youth Football Camp in Shreveport over the weekend, where he was joined by fellow Cowboy Lavar Edwards (LSU) and former Green Oaks’ standout L’Damien Washington (Missouri). During the free camp, which hosted 330 area youngsters, Mincey talked about his past.

"I grew up like a lot of you children out here. I remember being very poor," Mincey said. "I started at the bottom. You know what the bottom is? You ever have roaches in your cereal bowl?"

No Cowboys Rookies Attend NFLPA Rookie Premiere

41 rookies attended the Rookie Premiere. None of them were Cowboys.

For those that want to keep score, the Cowboys, Patriots, Bengals, Broncos, and Giants didn't send any rookies, while the Jets, Ravens, and Titans had three players attend. The Packers, Bears, Redskins, Falcons, Rams, Dolphins, Browns, and Jaguars double dipped.


Matt Barkley on Tim Tebow: 'He's not taking my reps' -
Barkley says Tebow isn't taking his reps. Oh no he is not. Nobody messes with Barkley's reps.

Rex Ryan: Bills are 'only team in New York' -
The elder Ryan sticks it to the New Jersey Jets and the New Jersey Giants.

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This young Redskins fan will not let his mother turn him into a Giants fan.


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