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Cowboys' Brandon Carr Discusses The Idea He May Have To Take A Pay Cut

The veteran cornerback plays it coy on a pay cut.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

All offseason the idea that the Dallas Cowboys might ask veteran cornerback Brandon Carr to take a pay cut has been thoroughly discussed. Except that it hasn't been discussed with Carr. And it hasn't been discussed after the Cowboys used their first-round pick in the 2015 NFL draft on cornerback Byron Jones. Now that the draft has happened, the media has asked Carr about that speculated upon pay cut. The veteran kept his cards close to the vest.

"Some things I don’t discuss out in public,’’ Carr said. "This is one of those.’’

That's not an outright denial, it's more of a none of your business. Carr will count a whopping $12.7 million against the cap this year, a number that is really untenable for the Cowboys given Carr's play. So Dallas will likely ask Carr about changing that number, and they now have some leverage with the selection of Jones in the first round. They also gain leverage because other teams have also completed their draft, and the likelihood of someone paying a high number to Carr dwindles as time passes.

Dallas can designate Carr a June 1st cut, eating his $8 million base salary this year and then taking on a cap charge of $7.4 million in 2016. Obviously, this is not what they want, they actually want Carr on the roster, just at a reduced price. And Carr?

"I love playing football,’’ Carr said. "I love being a Dallas Cowboy as well. I mean, that’s been stated a million times.’’

"I’m still here,’’ he said. "I’m here until told otherwise. That’s my philosophy. At the end of the day, if I’m playing football then I’m going to give my all for whoever I’m playing for.’’

We'll see where this leads in the upcoming weeks, but my bet is that he'll take the pay cut if Dallas offers something reasonable. I don't think it will be the 50% cut they asked Doug Free to take, but it could certainly be in the $5 million range.

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