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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: $100 Million Deal For Dez Bryant?

Latest Cowboys headlines: Todd Archer sees the Cowboys eventually signing Dez Bryant a $100 million deal with $38-$40 million guaranteed; Cowboys to limit starter reps in OTAs; Less responsibilities, better play from Romo?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

$100 million deal for Dez Bryant? - Todd Archer, ESPN
In response to a mailbag question, Todd Archer writes about whether Dez Bryant and Cowboys management can reach an agreement on a new deal.

There are a lot of things to work through in deals that will be as big as Bryant’s that pertain to more than just money. The Cowboys know they will pay Bryant about $28.5 million over the next two years under the franchise tag if need be. But the Cowboys also know Demaryius Thomas is going through the same deal in Denver and Julio Jones and A.J. Green will be free agents soon too. Coming up with the right framework can be hard. Maybe not this hard, but hard.

To me, I can see Bryant getting a deal worth at or around $100 million, which doesn’t mean much in NFL terms, and $38-$40 million guaranteed, which matters a lot more.

The sides know the end result. It’s just getting through the maze right now.

Babe Laufenberg: Reducing Romo's responsibilities key to success in 2014 | Dallas Morning News
In a chat, Babe Laufenberg marveled at the responsibilities of modern-day quarterbacks, and argues that it was the reduction of these responsibilities that allowed Romo to have his best year in 2014.

Honestly, we had a lot less to worry about when I played. There is so much responsibility on a QB now. Getting the personnel groups on the field; the play clock is 5 seconds less (from 45 to 40); calling plays at the line of scrimmage. I marvel at how some of these guys handle it all, especially Brady and Manning.

That said, I think Tony Romo had his best year because they took a bunch of that away last year. Thought the 2013 offense gave him too much responsibility and it was semi dysfunctional.

Jason Garrett vows 'discipline' in how much vets work in offseason - Todd Archer, Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN
With the second week of OTAs approaching, the Cowboys are being careful to limit the reps their starters get so that they can get a longer look at younger players.

"This is an important time of year for us as coaches to have discipline, to make sure we get the younger guys a look," Garrett said. "If we have a team period of 12 plays, we have to make sure the younger guys get some of those snaps or get a portion of those snaps each and every day so we can evaluate them. And sometimes, we all get excited. We all want to have those first guys out there, and we want to see some of the guys who we believe will make our team getting the work. But we've got to be disciplined enough to get the younger guys the work where they can improve and we have a good opportunity to evaluate them."

In other words, we know what Romo, Lee, Jason Witten, Orlando Scandrick, Greg Hardy and some others can do. Let’s see more of the younger players we don’t know about.

10 things to know about Cowboys TE Gavin Escobar, including why his nickname is ‘Pablo’ | Dallas Morning News
Turns out Escobar's nickname is of the pre-Cowboys variety.

Escobar’s nickname? Pablo. "Because of my last name, Escobar, actually in college people started calling me Pablo," Escobar told "The coaches were even calling me it in meetings too. It kind of stuck."

10 things to know about Cowboys defensive tackle Terrell McClain | Dallas Morning News
It's the offseason, so this is where we learn the important stuff about our players.

McClain’s favorite TV show is the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, his favorite ice cream is Cookies and Cream and his favorite pie is Apple. Staff Sounds Off On Comments From Randle & Murray | Dallas Cowboys
Randle's statement about Murray leaving meat on the bone whipped the Philadelphia faithful into a frothing green frenzy, and resulted in a lot of ill-informed headlines. The staff writers at the mothership also decided to weigh in on the matter, at length, which is quite ironic given Nick Eatman's opening sentences.

This thing can be interpreted so many ways, and since it’s late May, it’s usually blown out of proportion more than it should be. I think this is what happened here.

A Year From Now Cowboys Will Be Prepping For Training Camp in Frisco | Richie Whitt, NBC 5 DFW
Enjoy Oxnard if you can this summer.

Because a year from now the Cowboys will be moved into their new facility in Frisco, dubbed The Star. Part of the 2016 training camp will be held at the new facility, making this summer the Cowboys’ last to train out of Texas.

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