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Cowboys Rookie Expectations: First-Round Pick Byron Jones

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Every year after the NFL draft, fans love some their team's picks, hate others, and don't know enough about others to form an opinion. But in general, we tend to over-estimate the impact of the rookies because the offseason breeds hope, and we want to believe that our draft class will be the one that turns out to be out of the norm, the one that exceeds all expectations. That's okay, because being a fan means having belief and faith. So for this year's Dallas Cowboys draft class, let's place a stake in the ground for what we believe will happen with each pick. We'll start with first-round pick Byron Jones.

Jones was drafted as a cornerback, but even his position in 2015 is no lock. The extremely athletic Jones could fit into the rotation at corner, but if things fall in a certain direction, he could end up seeing time as a safety. Here are some possible scenarios for Jones.

1. Jones is extremely impressive at training camp, and joins Orlando Scandrick in the starting rotation, moving Brandon Carr to third corner.

2. Jones proves he's ready at camp and slides into the third corner position behind Scandrick and Carr.

3. Morris Claiborne gets healthy and has a remarkable camp, which moves Jones into a reserve role as a corner. The team decides to let him learn for this season getting time on special teams and occasional play at corner.

4. Situation #3 happens, but instead of leaving Jones as a reserve, the team starts giving him reps at safety.

If I'm betting on Jones' 2015 future, I'd say it's #2, he sees time as the third corner, playing on the outside while Scandrick moves into the slot when the defense employs three corners. Your turn, what do you see happening with Byron Jones?

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