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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Is NFL Dragging Its Feet On Greg Hardy Ruling?

Latest Cowboys headlines: No Greg Hardy ruling yet, 17 days later; Randy Gregory needs to bone up on pass rush; Are Cowboys Super Bowl contenders?

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No Greg Hardy ruling yet, 17 days later | ProFootballTalk
There are no hard and fast schedules for these types of appeals, but the hearing on Hardy's 10-game suspension ended 17 days ago. It's now beginning to appear like the NFL is dragging its feet on the issue, especially since it knows an appearance before a federal judge is a future certainty.

From Hardy’s perspective, the sooner arbitrator Harold Henderson issues a ruling, the better. If Hardy chooses to go to court to challenge the outcome, the more time Hardy has before the start of the regular season, the better chance he’ll have to get a ruling from federal court.

NFLPA's contempt motion against NFL, Roger Goodell headed to district court in August - USA Today
The NFLPA has filed a motion to have the NFL and the commissioner held in contempt for failing to comply with the ruling by Judge David Doty in the Adrian Peterson case.

That hearing is now scheduled for Auguat 13, and may be one reason why the NFL is taking its time with Hardy. A federal judge said Monday that he will hear the NFL Players Association's civil contempt motion against the league, its management council and Commissioner Roger Goodell here on Aug. 13.

The hearing will take place before U.S. District Judge David S. Doty, who on Feb. 26 vacated the arbitration decision that upheld Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson's suspension.

NFLPA Motion On Adrian Peterson Ruling Will Impact Cowboys And Greg Hardy - Blogging The Boys
Tom Ryle argued back in May that by forcing Roger Goodell and the NFL to comply with the legal ruling on Adrian Peterson's suspension, the NFLPA may help set a precedent applicable to the Cowboys' Greg Hardy.

Obviously this is of considerable interest to the Dallas Cowboys as they wait for Goodell to get to the Hardy appeal. It will force the league to set a precedent for that appeal, and they will either have to be consistent in Hardy's case or know that they will likely have to go through having their decision challenged and likely overturned again.

The Cowboys do not have to do anything in this battle, because this is between the NFLPA and the commissioner. So far, the NFLPA has been winning all of these battles, primarily because of the almost total disregard the league has had for the provisions of the CBA.


Dallas Cowboys DE Randy Gregory needs to bone up on pass rush - Jean-Jacques Taylor, ESPN Dallas
The Cowboys are focused less Gregory's weight (the 6-foot-4 pass rusher has already bulked up to 245 or so pounds) and are more focused on bringing him up to speed on his technique. Rod Marinelli is giving him a crash course on rushing the passer and has him watching tape on Jason Taylor and Simeon Rice.

Marinelli has Gregory studying game tapes of former sack masters Simeon Rice and Jason Taylor. Each player had a linear frame similar to that of Gregory, and each finished his career with more than 100 sacks. At 6-foot-5, 268 pounds, Rice had double-digit sacks in eight of his 13 seasons. Taylor, 6-foot-6, 255 pounds, had six seasons with at least 10 sacks in his 15-year career.

"We're just looking at guys who kind of fit his movement, just to see things," Marinelli said. "You don't try to make a player that guy, but both of those guys rushed with great instincts.

Babe Laufenberg: I think of Cowboys WR Terrance Williams’ role like that of Alvin Harper | Dallas Morning News
Asked in a chat with readers about Williams' role on offense, Laufenberg typed out the following response:

I really think of Williams' role a little bit like the role that Alvin Harper played opposite Michael Irvin. Irvin was going to get the majority of the passes, and for good reason…the guy was a Hall Of Famer. In this offense, of course you are going to have to get the ball to Dez Bryant. And Cole Beasley is such a dynamic player out of the slot, almost uncoverable when singled up, that Williams has become the third option at the WR position.

Cowboys mailbag: Real Super Bowl contenders? - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
In response to a Twitter question about whether the Cowboys are Super Bowl contenders, Archer argues that the Cowboys should be one of the top teams in the NFC.

It is early and we don't know how the rest of the offseason and training camp will go as far as injuries and things like that, but I do think the Cowboys can be contenders, yes. Right now I'd put the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks above them in the NFC and that's it. So if you're in the top three, you're a contender. Again, it's early. I think Joseph Randle will be fine at running back. I think the defense will be better. I think a lot of things, but the schedule will be more difficult. But I also think the Cowboys remain the best team in the NFC East even if there seems to be a lot of love for the Philadelphia Eagles at the moment.

Bob Sturm: Cowboys in the mix for a Super Bowl | Dallas Morning News
A reader wonders about Sturm's take on a Pro Football Focus article that ranked the Cowboys as the 11th best roster, and Sturm answers thusly:

I did not see this piece, but it is overall a very subjective conversation. I can see the Cowboys in the mix for a Super Bowl, but I cover the team. To someone who doesn’t, you can definitely see how losing DeMarco Murray is a major question to answer for a team that was as run-dominant as any team in the league. That is a fair discussion. I don’t think 11th should be considered an insult, but I think it is a bit low. However, in fairness to PFF, they look at this league from a 32 team perspective and I do not. To know where they rank, I better have a handle on how much I like every team, and there are not enough hours in the day for me to do that and maintain all of this. So, I will say it makes for fun conversations that amount to almost nothing.


Chip Kelly's high-wire act puts him in a very vulnerable spot | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports
Seems like one of these articles is popping up on a daily basis now: writers are sharpening their blades in anticipation of going after Kelly at the slightest misstep.


Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly is trying out something new in the NFL: winning by eliminating many of his best players from the roster. Cutting unhappy guard Evan Mathis came out of the blue, though at least it might show some critics that Kelly isn’t racist. Kelly doesn’t seem to care about a player’s skin color, just if they’re entirely bought into what he’s selling. Or, cynically, he cares if he hand-picked each player, because his ego wouldn’t allow anyone to get the credit when he wins.

But the personnel decisions by Kelly have put him in a vulnerable position. Either he wins big, and soon, or the entire NFL world will be calling for him to go back to coaching on Saturdays.

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